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Look sexy and comfy at the same time!
Chie Filomeno's stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother house may have been cut short, but we're certain she'll still be on our radar. Her moniker as the "Calendar Vixen of Antipolo" still totally applies to her
Perfect for other date nights, too!
Double slits, low Vs, and bare backs-sometimes subtle peek-a-boos are all you need for an evening out with your SO. Here are some of our picks for understated yet ultra sexy pieces for you to wear:Ami dress in
From playfully flirty to sleek and edgy.
Nadine Lustre's personal style has changed through the years to keep up with trends, but one thing's for sure: Nadz oozes sexiness with each and every look.Camera remote in one hand, Nadine aces the blogger-style mirror
No. More. Floor mattresses.
College is a great time for sex insofar as you're constantly surrounded by hundreds of other people your age, who are likely all equally horny as you (which is to say: very horny). All you really have to do is maintain
We weigh the pros and cons.
PROS:1. LOCATION IS EVERYTHING.At some point your body gets used to the routine: bath, bed, bang, and you miss the point of having sex. "Whether it's where you do it, how you do it, when you do it, what
Wanna get wet and wild? Try one (or all) of these sex positions!
If you and your man are feeling extra kinky, take your sexcapade to another level by adding a splash of H20.Lots of it.Click through the gallery for Cosmo Sutra sex positions you can do in the water!
<i>FHM</i>'s 8th Sexiest tells us why she thinks being sexy is a state of mind, and which brainy Hollywood babe she considers a role model.
Bela Padilla has definitely risen above that controversial "racist" magazine cover. "As with anything in my life, when bad stuff happens to me, I face it. And then when it's done, when I can't do anything about it anymore, I
The two-time <i>FHM</i>'s Sexiest tells us what she thinks truly makes a woman sizzle, and reveals the female celeb who's the hottest in her book.
What exactly makes a woman sexy? We couldn't think of a better person to ask than Sam Pinto, who was proclaimed the #1 hottest--for the second year in a row--at the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory
Everything about this guy screams sexy--from his tan and toned bod to his wild and romantic sexcapades and fantasies. He tells all on his final week.
You already know we save the juiciest questions and hottest photos for last, and you can't expect anything less on Guji Lorenzana's final week as our featured summer hottie.The quintissential summer stud spills racy details about his sexcapades as
We got Guji a little wet for your viewing pleasure. Find out in his interview why he's that guy you'd give anything to spend this season with.
Your long Holy Week break may be over, but here's a little something to ease you back into reality: hot, hot, hot photos of our second of three Summer Online Hunks Guji Lorenzana, having fun on the beach in all his
A Cosmo Online Hunk feature wouldn't be complete without sexy revelations on the final week. So, read on for this celebrity-turned-athlete's juicy confessions.
Philippine Volcanoes' Andrew Wolff has been making you swoon week after week this February with his candid answers to our interview questions and his photo galleries that get hotter each time. As you may have expected, we of course saved the best (
Cosmo always has a lingerie special in its Valentine issue. If you're planning something extra special in the bedroom for your man this weekend, get some sexy "outfit" ideas when you watch this video.
This hot swimmer and MYX VJ opens up to about his new-found fame, turning him on, bedroom topics, and even the worst Christmas gift you can give a guy! Watch and learn!
Real men share which sexy moves they loved most and will never forget. Get inspired to try them out with your man!
Every man has at least one smoldering sex moment he can't get off his mind-a mattress memory he's drooling at the idea of experiencing again. But you can't force your guy to fork over the dirty details if
We list our favorite voluptuous stars who are positive role models for a healthy body image.
It's about time women get smart about their assets-and we're not just talking about real estate or stocks. After the waif and the ultra thin body trends, nowadays women are more than happy to see that the feminine, curvy
Trying to figure out what sexy dialogue he craves is tricky. Plus, you don't want to sound canned or like a bad porn star. Read on for our best tips.
Getting tongue-tied in bed? And we don't mean when kissing--that's a good thing--but when talking dirty. Even if you pride yourself on great communcation skills outside the bedroom, you might be at a loss when it comes
The best way to give your guy maximum pleasure is to pay attention to arousal cues--and then rock his bod and blow his mind with these tips.
Wouldn't you love to crawl inside his head-and body-to find out exactly what sex feels like from a dude's point of view? Whether it's your first time with a new lover, or the nth time with your
Ten fashion students put on a sizzling show of bold and innovative lingerie designs. See how each garment, which serves as inspiration for future styles, celebrates the modern woman.
A Cosmo girl knows that fashion isn't simply a matter of rocking a gorgeous ensemble on the outside, but also paying attention to what lies beneath-in this case, we mean it quite literally: that is, your lingerie. Breaking out of
So, what do you do after you've climaxed? Here are steamy ways to keep the fun and flame strong 'til the morning after.
Here's a no-brainer: Sex feels awesome. So, why would you cut it short? And yet, most people think uttering the last "Oh, God!" signifies the end. We've mapped out how to milk the bliss, so you each get the
Usually mellow in the bedroom? Treat him to a nastier, kinkier, more excitingly shocking sack session on V-Day.
It used to be that a little game of slap and tickle could keep your sex life stoked. But now, cranking up the heat requires pushing the envelope just a wee bit more. "The availability of online porn has normalized kinkier sex,"