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So you can raise your arms with confidence!
Shaving your underams sounds pretty basic, but this hair removal method, although convenient, can produce the most common kilikili issues like, darkening, bumps, and ingrown hairs.You see, whenever you shave your hair, you also take off a thin layer of skin (
Shave well to shave less with these expert tips.
We all know how to shave but do we know how to shave properly? Seriously, if you want long-lasting smoothness (who couldn't do with more time in the mornings?) then your shaving technique is important. Celebrity beauty therapist and skin
Here are the hair removal facts, filtered from the fiction
Let's face it. Most of us still don't find the most popular hair removal methods satisfactory. To help you understand which will work best for you and whether to go at your facial hair too, Lainey Everett, Beauty Therapist at
Prevention is key.
I don't need to tell you how annoying ingrown hairs can be. If you've ever had one you'll know just how painful, itchy, and irritating they are. According to the NHS, these pesky little things happen
Shaving down there could lead to more than just razor burn.
For many women, pubic hair removal, whether through trimming, waxing, or shaving, is a regular part of life: One study found that some 62 percent of U.S. women remove all their pubic hair, while 84 percent do "some" grooming, and that
Not during your morning shower!
Shaving your legs has to be one of the most annoying/boring/frustrating beauty chores out there, which is exactly why we spend half the year avoiding the dreaded task. (Side note: there's absolutely nothing wrong with going all natural!)
Alright, we know nobody would pick up their BFF's razor in the shower out of choice and mow away their own body hair. But sometimes you might accidentally pick up your sister's razor instead. And sometimes, you might be caught
Like gross ingrown hair!
Now that beach season is in full swing, expect more grooming booboos in the inner thigh area, a.k.a. the bikini line. But we shouldn't always suffer for beauty, CGs! We found ways to fix these common problems.1. Ingrown
Heal razor nicks and treat ingrown hairs from shaving with these techniques from a professional
Shaving has got to be the quickest ticket to smooth skin but if you don't do the simple hair removal method right you can get sore nicks and red rashy bumps. Not cool. So we asked shaving expert Nathalie Eleni, the