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Is she actually a pretty little liar??! (Sorry.)
Shay Mitchell is being accused of stealing photos and passing them off as her own. Oh dear!The former Pretty Little Liars star was called out by StyleCaster for allegedly stealing photos from other sources and passing them off as her own.
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You shouldn't be afraid to experiment!
There may be times when morenas think they wouldn't be able to pull off certain colors, because these would only suit those with fairer skin tones. Well, Shay Mitchell wants you to think otherwise.The half-Filipina Hollywood actress is #blessed
Major inspo here!
Coachella is a melting pot of artists, celebrities, out-of-this-world fashion choices, and even cooler beauty looks. If there were ever a perfect time and place for celebs to get out of their makeup comfort zone, Coachella would be THE
A hilarious update on a tale as old as time.
Emma Watson isn't the only actress bringing Belle to life.In a glorious new Beauty and the Beast parody written and directed by King Bach, Shay Mitchell stars as a super sassy, modern day version of the iconic Disney princess. Following
Even though her favorite food is pizza!
Any true Pretty Little Liars fan knows that Shay Mitchell is ~*obsessed*~ with pizza.She even captioned this photo of a heart-shaped pizza, "Isn't she lovely?"Her phone case is of a pretty good-looking slice. ;)And you better believe