Read up on how each one benefits your skin.
We love sheet masks. In fact, we challenged ourselves (and you) to use one every day! But in the midst of using so many sheet masks, we realized something about their effectiveness: The serums and essences in a sheet mask don'
Is it just a gimmick or something else?
With all the sheet masks that have come out over the last few years-for the face, hands, feet, and the neck-I'm not really surprised a vagina sheet mask now exists. I am glad it's locally available,
From sheet masks to serums!
Hyaluronic acid is known for helping treat dry skin as it's able to retain moisture and collagen. It's extremely gentle on the skin and can work for different skin types-yes, even oily and acne-prone complexions! If
This will level up your vaginal skincare routine.
As you all know (Or if you don't, surprise!) the vagina is self-cleaning as it contains healthy bacteria. The vulva, on the other hand, which is the outer part of the vagina, is the one that's often
Why didn't we think of this before?
Dry feet and cracked heels are common feet problems. If, like us, you've tried everything to get rid of the rough texture (Like the famous Baby Foot peeling mask!) we've got great news for you: Redditor jaynonn shared
Find your new favorite here!
I think we can all agree that sheet masks are one of the best beauty innovations to come from the Korean beauty industry. They're travel-friendly, lightweight, and the excess essence can be used all over your body!Whether you're
Guilty. As. Charged.
Since bursting onto the beauty scene a few years ago, single-use sheet masks have become a popular addition to our beauty regimes. Often exports from Korea and Japan, their promise of making your skin more radiant, hydrated and smoother in a
Mask your way to a transparent complexion!
Achieving a transparent complexion with a healthy sheen-aka "glass skin"-depends on your diet, lifestyle habits, genetics (lest we forget!), and of course, an effective, consistent skincare regimen. What better (or cheaper) way to jumpstart your way to a K-beauty
We're with you on this one, Kenny.
We all love and cherish our expensive skincare products, and Kendall Jenner is no exception to that. But while she can probably afford to buy as many products as she wants, Kenny is still a smart beauty consumer, as she still does
Are you using those skin-saving masks the right way?
I consider sheet masks a good way to introduce K-beauty to your routine. They're relatively cheap (price range is from P50 to P300), and leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.Below, K-beauty retailer SoKo Glam discusses
It's so easy to make!
There's something about watermelons that reminds us of blue beaches and the sun on our bronzed skin. And since we're a tropical country, we have an abundance of it that we can consume year-round-for DIY sheet masks, that
We definitely won't be trying this.
Do you remember the 100 Layers Challenge? It's just made a bit of an alarming comeback, with Korean beauty brand Soko Glam celebrating hitting 100,000 Instagram followers with a huge stack of sheet masks.Co-founder of the brand
They're so satisfying to apply!
If you're prone to doing scary faces or pranking your friends and family whenever you use sheet masks, then you're going to love-as in, LOVE-this new "sheet" mask trend from Korea: rubber face masks. They'
From dull skin to large pores—you name it!
The sheet mask trend shows no signs of slowing down, and we totally understand why! These quick fixes to common skin problems are great for every type of beauty girl-from those who religiously follow the 10-step Korean skincare routine to
Thank you, K-beauty gods.
Sheet masks are probably one of the best skincare innovations of the 21st century, and these days, we really can't imagine a beauty routine without them. And now, we really have no excuse to skip our regular sheet mask sessions-all
For that gorgeous glow, of course!
These days, sheet masks are such an indispensable part of our routines. And while we love throwing one on to help us relax after a long day, we're picking up a trick from these celebrities' beauty books-by sheet masking before
Improve your health AND your skin!
When you're down with the flu and have a temperature, addressing your skin's beauty needs is usually the last thing you want to deal with. You just want to cover yourself with a blanket and sleep the pain away, for
Have you ever considered using them on your boobs?
Sheet masks are not created equally. There are terrible ones that are barely soaked in essence, they dry on your face in a matter of minutes. And then there are those ~*amazing*~ masks that are practically dripping in liquid goodness, allowing them
Your skin will thank you for it!
We love sheet masks so much, we seriously can't imagine a skincare regimen without them. So the moment we came across this nifty hack, we knew our masking game was about to level up big time. It's simple and fuss-
We'd totally try them.
It's easy to neglect certain parts of the body when they don't get that much exposure anyway-boobs, we're looking at you. We slather expensive creams on our faces, religiously use peels and scrubs to exfoliate, and won't
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