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Welcome to Ssangmun-dong!
Walang magmo-move on! Reply 1988 will be available on Philippine television soon, which means the Ssangmun-dong fandom will be expanding even more. Five years after its original airing in South Korea, the K-drama is still well-loved by Pinoys,
He was just *late because of traffic*!
The Reply 1988 cast members made our hearts *so happy* when they posted photos of a reunion on June 22! Park Bo Gum, Hyeri, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi, and Ryu Hye Young were present, but Ryu Jun Yeol was notably ~
Yes, most of them are of Uju.
Yup, we're still not over Hospital Playlist! It's our new fave heartwarming K-drama, which is no surprise since it's the brainchild of power duo producer Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jung. The show
More Uju scenes, please!
Hospital Playlist is everyone's new favorite *heartwarming* K-drama, and it's coming back for a second season! The show tells the story of five doctors who have been best friends for 20 years and who end up working
We want to go to Ssangmun-dong, pleeease!
It's been four whole years since Reply 1988 made us laugh, cry, and *suffer* from major second lead syndrome. The drama tells the story of five teenagers and their families who all live in the same neighborhood. Our main character
Song Hwa, what will you tell Ik Jun?!
Hospital Playlist, a show about five doctors who have been best friends since med school, made us feel so bitin with its final episode. But don't worry, a second season is definitely coming in 2021! Here are a few questions
Are you done binging the 'Reply' series?
South Korean director Shin Won Ho is known for producing heartwarming and tear-jerking dramas about groups of friends, featuring crossovers and cameos for his projects (like when Sun Woo's mom and Taek's dad from Reply 1988 made