Jealous girls be like, "She's only pretty 'cos she wears makeup."
Why does she exist?!~*~Did she have a thing with my boyfriend?~*~I wouldn't be surprised if she had a thing with my boyfriend.~*~My boyfriend's lying when he says he didn't have a thing with her. How could
ARE YOU MY UNBORN CHILD FROM THE FUTURE? No? Well then I guess you don't have shit to say to me.
1. "But you'll be so much happier once you have kids."Actually, there are no studies that definitely prove that people with kids are happier. Or that people without kids are happier. That said, I'm pretty damn happy right now,
Guys, this is why we head to the powder room in packs.
Think the chismis stops once girls head to the loo? Don't think so! Cosmo compiled the silliest and most mababaw topics girls talk about (read: you) when they bump into each other in the bathroom.Curious? Launch our gallery to find
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