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Another excuse to increase your footwear collection.
We're all guilty of having a pair of go-to heels, trainers and flats that we can rely on to get us through the day blister-free. However, according to one footwear expert, we should avoid wearing the same pair
Banish that foul odor, stat!
1. Pick the right material. If you have notoriously stinky feet, choose a breathable fabric when buying shoes. Cotton, linen, leather, and hemp are the best picks.2. Let them rest. Avoid wearing the same pair for two days in a row.
Make your shoes last forever.
Walking in wet shoes can be a bummer because it feels gross, your feet may smell gross, and it shortens your footwear's lifespan. It's best to carry an extra pair of flip-flops, rain boots, or jelly flats to keep
Picking the right pair is half the battle. Make the most of your footwear with these tips for keeping them looking as good as new.
Life is a journey as they say, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to look great while we hurdle its ups and downs. Aside from a great pair of knickers, a fabulous pair of shoes is every Cosmo gal's weapon of