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Your feet will thank you.
Despite having confessed in a sneaker haul video that I prefer "form over function," I am contradicting myself today. There is *really* nothing better than not cursing at your shoes after a long day of walking. So, I bring the most comfortable
The Dolce & Gabbana heels are from Regine's ~insane~ shoe collection!
We all know how ~insane~ Regine Velasquez's shoe collection is and Asia's Songbird is known for her taste in unique designer shoes. And it looks like Regine's iconic shoe collection is making the rounds online as
Who says sneakers can't be cute and dainty?
We tend to associate sneakers with certain styles or aesthetics-athleisure and its love of cozy pieces and sporty ensembles, streetwear and its effortlessly cool appeal, and normcore's urban camouflage philosophy, are just some examples. We believe that there'
She's got the most stylish kicks.
After posting her updated room tour, Lorin Gutierrez is back with another vlog and this time, she's giving us a quick rundown of her shoe collection. When it comes to sneakers, Lorin admitted that she's no expert, but
Boy, bye!
How to stop your shoes from rubbing is something we've all Googled after a cute new pair (very annoyingly) leaves us with blisters. Breaking in new shoes can be a painful affair, so how do you go about stopping it?
Stock up on fresh new kicks, activewear, and more!
Sneakerheads know that many of the best places to shop cool new kicks are often outside of the Metro. Warehouse stores and factory outlets are a great place to visit if you want to stock up on fresh new pairs for less.
Let's take a deep dive on this resurrected trend.
Socks with sandals: yay or nay? Is the pairing a cool fashion trend, or something you wouldn't wear for a million pounds? Cosmpolitan UK editors debated a controversial "marmite" trend. Scroll on to read whether the fashion editors will be
Now, Kim is more about comfort than style.
For about a year, we enjoyed several beautiful house tours; it gave us a look inside the homes of our favorite artistas. But these days, it seems like there's a new trend going around: More and more local celebs are
Blisters, bye!!!
After a year of living in loungewear and pajamas, we're all eagerly anticipating getting "dressed up" again when the lockdown ends. Cute summer dresses, heels-you name it, we're excited to wear our fancy clothes and feel like
Here's the story behind Andy Shop PH.
When you get dressed for the day and think about how you'd like to feel, you probably focus on the clothes you'll wear. Should you go for your favorite co-ords or a simple but chic dress to
Her most used pair may seem familiar to you!
If there's anything we know to be true, it's that Kathryn Bernardo has impeccable taste. Remember when she shared her designer bag collection? Aren't you amazed by how she never seems to run out of outfit
From plants, to shoes, and more.
Raise your hand if you love all things pink. Whether it's bright or pastel, there's just something about this hue that's so *aesthetic* and eye-catching. It's a popular choice when it comes to
They cost less than P1,600!
Hi there! One thing you should know about me is I like chunky shoes, especially if they have thick soles because I love the extra height they give me, lol. (Small girls can relate!) I tend to favor black ones for that
Vice is truly a ~sneakerhead~!
It looks like there's so much more to Vice Ganda's shoe collection than we thought. Shortly after going through some of his favorite boots-most of which you'll find in the closets of many Hollywood celebs-
Cop or drop?
Calling all sneakerheads! We have some news for you: Adidas just released a *transparent* version of their famous Superstar shoes. While the kicks aren't completely see-through, there are enough clear panels to allow you to show off your socks
A teen with cerebral palsy collaborated with them for the design.
By this time, you might have already seen Jimmy Fallon's video where he talks about pitching a "step-lock" shoe design to Nike. The idea was that a person would literally step into what looks like an unhinged shoe and
These no-frills pairs are perfect for your understated looks.
Sportswear giant Adidas releases tons of new sneakers every season, from themed pairs for holidays to updated iterations of classic styles like the Stan Smith and Continental 80-and yes, it can be hard to keep up. In case your favorites from
Dara really holds a special place in Jiyong's heart.
As a #Daragon stan, my hobbies include watching every single video available on the internet that mentions my fave second-gen K-pop idols, Sandara Park and G-Dragon. I recently found one on YouTube that got me squealing and so, so
Our ultimate oppa is a certified sneakerhead!
Park Seo Joon looks good in anything. We mean, who else can sport that chestnut haircut and still look handsome? When it comes to fashion, our ultimate oppa is a pro in street style, and we can't help but notice
Understated chic.
If you find yourself loving the simple, minimalist aesthetic more, you'll be glad to come across this guide! Below, we've listed down all the places where you can buy minimalist sandals that we ~*absolutely*~ swear would go with