Truth: Nothing ruins a shopping experience more than a pushy salesperson who stalks you around the store and aggressively upsells products when it's so obvious you just want to be left alone. Maybe you're just browsing, maybe you already did
Cosmo dishes out the lowdown on shopping addiction and its serious repercussions.
When I decided I wanted to have my own designer bag," begins Georgia, 24, a call center agent, "I knew having a credit card was the only solution. To cut a long story short, I got three credit cards at the same
FYI, we're not always looking for something black.
They say shopping is a great stress-reliever. We go to the mall after work in hopes of finding that perfect-fitting pair of jeans or that flirty floral skirt that will potentially cast all our troubles away. But as a plus-
Keep your wallet and sanity intact.
Shopping is fun, but when you're faced with a scary credit card bill, a soon-to-be emptied bank account, or an overstuffed cabinet of clothes, you know you've got a problem. Aside from old-school practices like setting a
At least once in her life.
1. It's on sale! "This leather jacket is so cool and chic. Oh, it's the middle of summer in the Philippines and it's 95 degrees outside? But I'm planning to go backpacking in five years. How
Three words: saggy diaper butt.
Having a small butt is not a problem! Sure, big butts are having a moment, but that doesn't make your cute little tush any less amazing. It's just a little hard to shop for sometimes. 1. Rompers made of flowy
"Magkano 'yung shoes mo?" your boyfriend asks. "I have selective amnesia."
1. Looking at your closet is exhausting.You literally have no space left for anything. You know that rack where you hang all your clothes? Yeah, you can't move the hangers anymore. You literally have to flex your core and
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