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Why was Diana made to look shorter than her husband?
You know when you go for ages without noticing something, but then someone points it out and you just can't un-see it? Yeah, that's happened to us with these old photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.As pointed
Most of the time, it's fun to be short. Except these times.
1. People like to pat you on the head. What purpose does this serve?2. They also really like to call you cute. It gets annoying fast.3. Ditto for shorty. Just stop.4. Your pants cost P1,000 more than everyone
What she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality.
1. Everything she does is cute and adorable, but do not tell her she's cute or adorable.She wants to be a sexy goddess, not "cute." This means she wants you to make her feel like she's Gisele
Forget to tiptoe and that bank teller won't see you. AT ALL.
We get it, "cute" and "petite" are universal codes for "short." And while there's nothing wrong with those terms of endearment, they can make us feel like we can't have real struggles as vertically-challenged ladies. Yup, simple everyday things