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You've probably encountered and exhausted various solutions that can help lengthen your frame in the past. Here, we share more tricks to try to add instant inches to your height:1. Wear a shorter 'do.Long hair drags down petite ladies,
Work your way out of these petite pitfalls.
1. You don't show toe cleavage. When the shoe vamp is too high, you deprive yourself of some serious lengthening exposure. Slip on pumps that show toe cleavage or wear strappy heeled sandals with skinny ankle straps for a more fluid
"Aww, you’re cute."
Unsolicited comments about one's height can come off as annoying, especially if you're not exactly a six-footer. Can relate? Here, remarks that you're tired of hearing over and over again. "Ang liit mo pala?""So what's your
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