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We're loving her brand new 'do!
If you already have short locks for the summer, don't miss the chance to spice it up with a matching color! For something chic yet low-maintenance, you can't go wrong with some beachy highlights. Just take cues
Check out her latest hair makeover!
In today's edition of celebrity hair makeovers, Sue Ramirez got the *coolest* short haircut just in time for the summer szn. Sue's go-to hair salon Zero 1 Story uploaded pics of her latest hair makeover on Instagram.
Want a sweet makeover? Then consider these adorable haircuts!
We know, we know, cutting your hair short can be daunting. But what if we tell you that it's just a matter of picking the right length and style for you to feel less "naked" when you decide to chop off
Need some pegs?
New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and we won't be surprised if you're planning to get a new haircut! Aside from making you look ~*fresh*~, chopping off your locks can literally and figuratively make
Yay for natural texture and short lengths!
If you grew up watching beauty pageants, you would know that long, flowing locks and updos are the go-to hairstyles of many kweens. This is why we always found it ~refreshing~ to see contestants who flaunted short tresses.During this year&#
Short hair is your playground!
We're here to debunk the myth that short hair is just limited to "lugay." In fact, a bob or even a pixie can be your playground! You can style it with cute hair accessories or play up with its texture
We love hair makeovers!
Jane De Leon just surprised us with a new look! From sporting long hair since she started in showbiz, she's now sporting a bob haircut!Just to refresh your memory, here's her signature hairstyle before the makeover:And
And she looks so fresh!
In today's edition of unforgettable celebrity makeovers, Sunshine Cruz just surprised us with a new look! She got her super long hair cut into a short bob, plus she got bangs.Just to recap, here's her how her
Be an unconventional bride!
There is no rule that says that you should have long hair when you get married. If short hair is your signature hairstyle, then why not just sport it at your wedding. After all, you should look like yourself on your special
We need more pics of this look!
Attention, everyone! Sarah Lahbati is taking her blonde hair to the next level. The style star just posted her look for Louis Vuitton, and we spot her with a blonde pixie cut! We are obsessed with the ~texture~ play, plus the low-
'Cut off all the memories JK.'
Kylie Padilla just shocked netizens with a new haircut. She shared photos of her new short 'do on Instagram on May 8, Saturday. The actress almost gave us a scare with her post's caption, but she was apparently just
Here are the nine basic styles to keep in mind!
In case you missed it, Julia Barretto recently began sporting shoulder-length hair. This is a fresh departure from her long locks, and we're loving it. She does admit, though, that she's not familiar with what she can
These looks are fire!
It's summer szn which means it's haircut season! A good hairstyle to try would be the classic bob haircut. It can make anyone look youthful, and it's so easy to request for in the salon. You
We love her new look!
Another celeb has joined the New Year, New Me team: Julia Barretto just debuted a lob hairstyle on Instagram, and we are loving it so much! What's supposedly a post about the local fashion brand she's endorsing was
It was the year of the chop!
Fact: Short hair, particularly bobs and lobs, will always be a *classic* no matter what. Not only are they perfect for our humid weather, but they will make you look fresher and younger in an instant! If you're looking to
She looks sooo fresh.
Another day, another fab hair makeover! Solenn Heussaff debuted her new look on her IG Stories and we can't help but be obsessed! She had her super long tresses chopped off-take a look and admire her bob haircut:She
Super fresh!
We've always admired Ivana Alawi's long, voluminous hair. We think her glam hairstyles actually make her look like a living doll! So, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw hairstylist Renz Pangilinan posted a photo of her sporting
Aka the best hairstyle pegs!
If you've been a long-time follower of, you've probably noticed that celebrity haircuts are big news for us. Makeovers like these give us the inspiration to switch our hairstyles or leave us in awe of
Super fresh!
Many trends have come and go, but short hair, particularly bobs and lobs, remains to be a favorite of Pinays. One major reason would be it can make anyone look fresher and younger. Plus, chopping off long locks gives you a certain
We're in love with her short 'do!
We're big believers of getting a full hair makeover whenever, wherever. Really, you don't need to be going through a major life moment for a chop-the sudden urge to get one is enough. Though we aren'