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Save your fave outfit pegs!
The very idea of wearing sneakers is a dream: They're comfortable, stylish, and honestly, they can be paired with any outfit. From the typical tee-and-jeans to something as charming as dresses. If you're looking for a
Minimum effort, maximum style.
Shorts are a staple in every Filipina's closet (thanks to our super humid weather!) but that doesn't mean you should be wearing what everyone else is wearing. Below, a few pairs of non-boring shorts that deserve your attention.Thank
'I believe that all women should be respected no matter what they wear.'
Following the backlash over a standing ordinance in Caloocan City banning the wearing of short shorts in public, Caloocan Mayor Oscar Malapitan said on his Facebook page that the ordinance only requires "residents especially in government offices to be 'decently attired,' but
What the…?! Eh ang init!
ICYMI, there is a standing city ordinance in Caloocan that prohibits going topless (even for men) and the wearing of short shorts. And, surprise, surprise: GMA News reports that the rule isn't actually a new one. In fact, it has been
There's no graceful way to pick your shorts out of your crotch. Or is there?
If, like us, you're always having problems with your shorts, scroll below for the best way to solve them!They fit great in the morning, but by the end of the day, they're sagging. No one likes to
The secret’s in not trying too hard, tbh.
From chopped locks to flapper girl vibes at the ABS-CBN Ball, Sue Ramirez just goes ahead and wears what she wants. And the more Sue does Sue, the more we're in love with her fearless style choices.Below, a few
Women deserve the freedom men have to choose what they wear, sans consequences.
I remember waiting to turn 12 so I could finally pick my own clothes. I didn't feel like I could fill in my big girl shoes until I could pick out a full outfit, from head to toe. SEXUAL HARASSMENT
…and make them look chic, too.
As evident in their airport style to their performance outfits, Korean idols are known for flaunting their legs-and fashionably so.Here are micro shorts OOTD ideas to copy from them:While Sandara Park is known for her out-of-this-world
Since we all live in them anyway.
Shorts are great for casual days, but your favorite celebrities have proven time and again that with the right styling, they can be dressed up, too! Below, super easy looks to cop this summer.Take the tomboy route and pair a tuxedo
Bring on the heat.
Co-ordinates are the fashion gods' gift to summer-loving girls, as these are a breeze to wear, instantly summer-ready, and come in a variety of styles to choose from.How can you say no to this cute polka dot set?
Presko but polished.
In a country that's right in the middle of a sweat-dripping heat wave that is the summer season, you grab every opportunity you get to bare your legs. What can we say? Ang init! So whether you're dressing up
You know you want to try these out.
Camp Sawi *finally* hits cinemas tomorrow, August 24! We say make a night out of it by gathering your BFFS (lovesick or not), watching the movie together, and-the icing on the cake-channeling the girls through your OOTNs.Andi, Arci, Bella,
Just because they’re comfy and sexy at once.
1. A sheer top allows just enough skin to peep through, without detracting from your legs.2. Drape a printed blazer over an all-white look featuring origami shorts.3. Textured jacquard shorts dress up a simple blouse.4. Take your beachwear
Because you'll be living in them all summer long.
Instagram/tuulavintageAll tropical-dwelling girls need more than a few pairs of denim shorts in rotation. Seriously, we would not know what to do without some cut-offs to wear on lazy days, sunny days, beach days, errands day-any sort of
But only if your dress code allows you to!
Wearing shorts to the office is a major no-no for some offices. But if your work place is open to creativity in workwear aka lenient, then embrace that freedom and wear them shorts! From the runways to the streets, the recent
Your denim is talking about you. Don't you want to know what it's saying?
From skinny jeans to overalls, there's a style of jeans for every type out there. Read on for the ultimate breakdown of what your jeans say about you.1. Skinny JeansYou've got shit to do (and you're doing it).
You could be ruining your health while you're covering your butt.
If you've ever worn a pair of fitted shorts without a lot of give, you know that sitting can put pressure on your crotch. This can impair circulation, pinch nerves, lead to chaffing, and leave you with an awkward frontal wedgie
There's no graceful way to pick your shorts out of your crotch. Or is there?
1. They fit great in the morning, but by the end of the day, they're saggy and draggy.Solution: Shorts with stretch will hold their shape much better than those without.2. They leave your butt hanging out in the back.
That inner thigh rash though.
1. When your shorts ride up so they're even shorter. This is why I will go for high-waisted hot grandma shorts for the rest of my life. They're usually longer, which means that when they do ride up, at
Whoever said shorts are only for days off need a reality check.
Your conservative tita will probably have a heart attack at the thought of this, but there's really no reason why you can't wear shorts to the office!Launch the gallery for 10 pairs of shorts you can get away with