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You don't need a bathtub to have a relaxing day.
Showering may be a daily essential for one's hygiene but for me, it can feel luxurious with the right products. I consider the 15 to 20 minutes of me-time I get in the bathroom sacred-whether to refresh myself at
Is this the answer to our problems?
There's more to Reddit than discovering the best-rated sex toys. In fact, we're willing to bet it's home to more skincare obsessives than TikTok users these days!From their favorite moisturizer to the best face
Now excuse us while we go draw one.
Taking a bath is relaxing-that's a fact. But did you know that it's also good for your health? In a study published in the journal Heart, researchers have found that regular bathing has links to lower risk
Does shaving cream count as soap?
Okay, so Taylor Swift recently appeared on Ellen and was asked a series of very important questions including whether or not she washes her legs in the shower. And her answer was... interesting. Basically, Taylor said that she shaves her legs every
We've got one for every budget!
A bath soap is a busy girl's best friend. You don't need a loofah to wash with it: You can just slide the bar itself on your skin and let it lather-that's it, you'
Washing less might actually be good for us, says science.
It's been well-reported that a number of gross things happen to our bodies if we don't shower for a couple of days, yet there's increasing evidence to suggest that showering too often can actually do more harm than
Less than you think!
You can never be too clean, right? Well it turns out that might actually be wrong, according to experts in the field of hygiene.So if you're a two-times-a-day shower-er, you may actually be overdoing the bathing
Make this your New Year's resolution.
Now that the holidays are over, people everywhere are making vows to eat healthier, sleep more, and get more exercise. And while those can all be commendable goals, it's super important to set some that will also benefit your mental and
"I was under the impression this was going to be a lot more sexy."
Unless we're hopping into the shower for some fun (and even then, shower sex might be a bit overrated), showering with a partner winds up being 10 seconds of admiring her naked...and 10 minutes of awkwardly maneuvering around her
Be clean! Don't be gross.
Some people take a bath only in the morning, some only at night, while others do both. Is there a best time? Not exactly. It all depends on you, your body, and what it was exposed to.Take a bath in the
Anxious? Have a hot bath!
Cold showers have their benefits, like making you more alert, hydrating your hair and skin, and burning fat, so it's good for you to have them regularly. But hot baths also have their pros, even if they open your pores and
It's worth the first moments of shivering.
1. It boosts your energy and alertness. A cold shower will shock anybody. You get an energy boost when you begin taking deep breaths as a rush of blood goes through your entire body from the increased heart rate.2. It improves
You know how you love showering after a long day at work? Like, you kind of just stay under the showerhead as the water runs on your face? Sarap, 'di ba? Well, according to, that habit is causing your
The hottest way to cool off.
1. Oral sex becomes extra enjoyable.You'll feel less self-conscious with the water running, plus the extra moisture will turn both of you on even quicker. 2. You don't need extra lubrication. Feeling a little dry down there? Just
How is our sweet-faced showbiz sweetheart around women? Let him sweep you off your feet this week, with his sexy answers and sizzling shower photos!
You know how it is in the Cosmo Online Hunk section: as the weeks progress, so do the boldness of our Cosmo questions and of the photos of our featured hottie. In the last two weeks, we saw young showbiz cutie Nico
This year, make it a habit to relish these simple indulgences. They just might turn you into a better lover!
As our last hurrah for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we give you tips on caring for your pair at the best time: bathtime.
Sex at home can get boring if you do it in the same place, same position every single time. Real guys share ways to make at-home nooky more titillating!