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People think you're suplada. You are not.
1. You know that getting-to-know activities can be a total bitch.Your most dreaded day is always the first day of school simply because you have to re-introduce yourself nine times to your teachers and classmates. "Hi, you can
Talkative on FB chat, but really quiet in person. Oh no.
1. Chatting a lot with the guy you like online, but when you see him in person, you fall silent.You don't want to say the wrong word or stutter in front of him and end up embarrassing yourself or turning
Are you a shy girl who secretly dreams of being a social animal? Dream no more! We've got the mingling mantras for you.
It can be difficult to speak up and stand out if you're naturally shy. Have you ever caught yourself looking at the people around you, friends and strangers alike, and wondering why it's so much easier for them