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Talk about a missed opportunity?
ERMMMMMMMMMMMM. Why the hell did no one tell us that Zac Efron was on Tinder?Believe it or not, Zac actually decided to join Tinder like some normal human being after his split from his girlfriend of two years, Sami Miro.But
It's every woman for herself. Let the games begin.
It's legit: ZAYN MALIK IS SINGLE!*cue in the trumpets*okay so now that's zayn's single i just want to thank the universe and everyone and life and not only god but jesus hallelujah amenThe ex-Directioner apparently called
Are you suffering from Anuptaphobia?
Does the thought of being single make you feel uneasy and depressed? Do you feel resentful when you see happy couples or feel the need to gobble up a pint of ice cream to ease the pain of being alone? You may
Our Love Month hottie reveals that he's currently unattached. Is he ready to mingle? Find out.
A lot of single gals are probably breathing a sigh of relief now that Valentine's Day is finally over. But we sure hope you had fun last February 14, whatever your relationship status is. Besides, being single isn't bad at
Don't understand why that guy you like is sooo <i>torpe</i>? Here are a few possibilities.
You'd be surprised at how even the most macho, siga ng barangay, alpha males get tongue-tied when speaking to a girl they really like. When it comes to asking her out, the internal debate we experience would put a political
Let the uber-gorgeous half-German, half-Thai supermodel heat up your computer screens even more as he makes his final splash this week!
Here's a sight to make you love summer more: our uber HOT Online Hunk lounging in the simmering sunlight!
Can’t get enough of our yummy summer hunk’s German-Thai good looks? See more of this laid-back lover boy on his second week as Online Hunk!
Our March Online Hunk is half-German, half-Thai, and all good. Find out for yourself just how HOT this Eurasian supermodel is! You're sure in for a sizzling summer.
See the Fil-Jap hottie play the perfect beau (and answer our steamy questions!) in this behind-the-scenes vid!
On his final week as our Online Hunk, the half-Japanese up-and-coming celebrity finally takes you to the bedroom.<br />
This week, our February hunk continues to play the perfect boyfriend by toiling away in the kitchen!<br />
This week, our hunk for Valentine's gets even sweeter by bringing out the presents. Swoon!
Our February hottie gets sentimental for the season of love! See the Fil-Jap cutie play the perfect boyfriend for the entire month, only here on!
You clamored for more of our January Online Hunk. Wish granted! Cosmo girls got to flirt with the ruggedly hot actor in’s first-ever Celebrity Chat.
Finally, our brooding rebel takes us where the magic happens! See the actor take it easy in his private quarters. You’ll <em>so</em> want to jump in the sack with him.
This week, our Online Hunk retreats into his shell, with only a book to keep him company. Bookworms never looked so sexy!
The hunky, <em>senti</em> crooner spills to Cosmo how it feels to be surrounded by the Philippines’ finest for his latest music video shoot.
Our Online Hunk continues to clean up his act to ring in the New Year. See the ruggedly handsome actor take up a self-imposed liquor ban for his shoot.
Get to know the ruggedly handsome actor who's our first featured hunk for 2010, as he tones down the rebellious sneer and suits up for work.