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Mystery solved.
When someone doesn't text you back, there are virtually infinite reasons why it's happening, and very few of them are because they're making an outright conscious decision to ignore you. And while sometimes a dude might take so
'No boyfriend November is going well so far.'
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It is nothing but a number.
Worried about turning 30? Pressured to get married before the finish line? Disturbed by the fact that your face will change as you grow old? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you're not alone. There are studies that
Where are all the single ladies at?
You've been saying for years that there are a million reasons why it's better to be single. And science has finally confirmed it. Single people value meaningful work more than married people and they're also more connected to their
Treat yo' self!
Valentine's Day isn't just for the obsessed or the scorned-it can be your day, too. And by that, we mean it's the perfect excuse to treat yo' damn self, girl. While we think that self-love should be
You don't have to hate love stories just 'cause you're single.
When February hits, people always assume that single girls everywhere must be in mourning... as if happiness isn't possible when you're flying solo. If you're in love with love, here are some of the best underrated romantic movies to
It's the most wonderful time to be single. (No sarcasm.)
In a perfect world, we'd all be cozying up next to a fireplace with Milo Ventimiglia this Christmas, but in reality, a lot of us are single AF. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, we
'Girl, darating din tayo diyan.'
While breaking up can be painful, moving on after the split is more heart breaking-and sometimes, the people around you can't help but stick their noses in your business. Here are nine sassy responses for your prying friends or relatives
"Hindi siya malungkot."
Pinay beauty queen Kylie Verzosa is on such an emotional high over her Miss International 2016 win that nothing can bring her down-not even the incessant questions about the state of her love life.In a TV Patrol interview, Kylie was
Local and international destinations you should add to your BFF bucket list!
They say friends who travel together form closer bonds with each other. Embarking on a new journey, conquering your fears, and discovering new things together can boost your relationship in more ways than you can imagine. Here are some places you and
*rolls eyes*
Here are some annoying AF comments all single girls know too well-aka what makes you want to run away from THAT tita every time you have a family reunion. *internally screaming*VIDEO: Jean Saturnino***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on
Written in beautiful calligraphy.
If you're a single Pinay, you've probably been subjected to comments that made you feel like you're walking around with a huge expiration date tattooed on your forehead. Comments like, "Why aren't you married yet?", or "Nauubusan ka
Find out if you still REALLY enjoy being a party of one.
There's no shame in being single. It's the time of your life where you can experiment with independence, learn more about yourself, and just have some good old fun. You have to admit, however, that there are moments where you
The more the merrier, right?
Some people (aka mga nega) often think that being the third wheel is lonely and pathetic. But in reality, it can be fun, exciting, and even beneficial. If you have a friend who's in a relationship or recently got hitched, here
We seriously need to stop saying this one thing.
If you've ever been The Single Friend who complained about how everyone sucks and no one is worth dating, you've had at least one (if not, like, 400) coupled friends tell you, "Stop looking! That's when love finds you."
'So you're saying there's a chance?'
1. This has completely changed the way I'm looking at this interaction now.There's a definitive difference between talking to a woman and talking to a single lady. Earlier, he either assumed you weren't single or the thought hadn'
In China, unmarried women who are over 25 years old are called 'leftover women.'
In 2011, research conducted in the US found that the average marrying age has gone up. It was found that the average age to settle down was 29 years old for men, and 26 and a half for women. For reference, the
Ang hirap nang magyaya!
Laggies/Viva International PicturesIt happens. You used to get together for coffee at least once a week, schedule spa sessions every end of the month, and plan vacations to Subic or Baler every long weekend, until one by one, all of your
"Kumusta love life?"
1. "Kumusta love life?"So simple and yet SO irritating. Trust me, when my life is full of the joys of a new man, I will be shouting it from the rooftops.2. "Can I make you a Tinder account???"HAHAHAHAHA! No.
"Nung 25 ako, kasal na kaya ako!" STFU.
1. "Choosy ka pa."Aren't we allowed to pick whom we want to date or be with? Just 'cos we're not heartthrobs, doesn't mean we should end up with the first guy who shows interest. We're not desperate (