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Here are our luxe beauty finds for the month of August 2017! Beauty Binge is our monthly roundup of not-so-cheap products we've tried or want to buy. Payday, we're waiting for you! 1. A mild facial wash "This cleanser effectively removes makeup and dirt on the face without
You won't regret adding this super ingredient to your regimen!
We know that hearing the words "snail mucus" or "snail slime" as a skincare ingredient can make you cringe. But here's a fun fact: It's actually packed with anti-wrinkle properties, and has hydrating and pore tightening capabilities!
Check the ingredients label before buying anything!
Parabens are a type of preservative that prolongs the shelf life of your beauty products, especially if you keep them in a warm, damp environment. You may think that it's life-saving for your favorite creams and serums, but that's
Because they cancel each other out.
You may think that once you have all the skincare products you need, you can just layer them on top of each other like a cake! But actually, the ingredients of each skincare item matters. Why? Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellet said that
We definitely won't be trying this.
Do you remember the 100 Layers Challenge? It's just made a bit of an alarming comeback, with Korean beauty brand Soko Glam celebrating hitting 100,000 Instagram followers with a huge stack of sheet masks.Co-founder of the brand
First things first. Dark circles and eye bags are different-you can have one or the other, or, annoyingly, both. But between the two, we'd take dark circles over bags any day because ICYDK, they're a lot easier
Here are our top picks!
You may have your toners and essences and serums, but the heart of every skincare routine is a kickass moisturizer. Whatever your skin type, be it very dry or very oily, you need it! If you're on the hunt for
Cut your cleansing time in half!
No matter how much you love beauty, sometimes you're just too tamad to do your complete skincare routine. Thank God for exfoliating toners, though, because they're like micellar cleansers and exfoliators in one-they clean the skin AND
No shaving cream? No problem!
Aside from your face, neck, and chest, your hands can age quickly, too, especially if you're always in a dry environment like your air-conditioned office. The solution? Hand cream! But before you put it away after slathering it all over
No need to spend a ton of moolah to get gorgeous skin!
When it comes to skincare, you may have heard that it's good to invest (aka spend a ton of money) in the products you put on your face. But that doesn't mean you have to shell out thousands
*Pat, pat, pat*
When we say "masks," we usually think of jars and tubes of goopy stuff that are made with charcoal or clay or a special combination of oils and extracts. They literally cover the face; that's why they're called
It's the perfect at-home treatment for your skin!
Various brands have now come out with serums, peels, and toners with brightening properties; because when you've finally conquered your acne, more often than not, you're left with unsightly marks and scars that take forever to fade. Though the hyperpigmentation
Let's Summer Beauty Bucket List be your cheat sheet!
Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ Hydrating ShieldPollution is all too real when you live in the city. But that's really not a problem with this sunscreen: It contains polymers that form an invisible skin shield, effectively
Ready for double cleansing?
Whether you have dry, oily, combo, or even sensitive skin, cleansing oils are your BFFs. As the first step in the famous "double cleansing" method, these oils do everything from conditioning dry patches, removing excess sebum, and erasing every bit of makeup
Don't forget to exfoliate!
In a country where the sun is always shining and the humidity levels are off the charts, it's almost unheard of to have dry skin-what with all the heat and moisture, the possibility of having a cracking, flaky complexion
Add these to your shopping basket, stat!
The newest online store to fuel our K-Beauty obsession, Althea Korea | Philippines makes even more Korean beauty brands accessible to Pinays! The brand's easy-to-navigate website is a treasure trove of cult skincare and makeup goodies from brands like
Who knew you could wash your face wrong?
We know, we know-facial cleansing is pretty easy, right? Splash on some water, work in some product and you're basically good to go. Except it's not as straightforward as that with the range of cleansers on hand, and if
Say goodbye to oily skin!
Summer is great and all, but it also means a makeup meltdown literally 10 minutes after you put it on. Here, 8 ways to make sure this doesn't happen. 1. Prime your face.Use a primer to prolong your foundation and
Attention CGs! We have an important question to ask.
Think your skin is safe? Think again. One of the culprits for your dry skin is right around the corner.Cast your votes on our poll below and let us know which of these causes your dry skin. Who knows? You might
Belo introduces its Intensive Whitening Bar.
It's no secret that a lot of women want fairer, brighter skin. Some girls go all-out and try all kinds of lotions, creams, soaps, pills, and even go as far as playing with injectables! Before you start doing chemistry experiments