Here are our luxe beauty finds for the month of August 2017! Beauty Binge is our monthly roundup of not-so-cheap products we've tried or want to buy. Payday, we're waiting for you! 1. A mild facial wash "This cleanser effectively removes makeup and dirt on the face without
You won't regret adding this super ingredient to your regimen!
We know that hearing the words "snail mucus" or "snail slime" as a skincare ingredient can make you cringe. But here's a fun fact: It's actually packed with anti-wrinkle properties, and has hydrating and pore tightening capabilities! No wonder
Check the ingredients label before buying anything!
Parabens are a type of preservative that prolongs the shelf life of your beauty products, especially if you keep them in a warm, damp environment. You may think that it's life-saving for your favorite creams and serums, but that's
Because they cancel each other out.
You may think that once you have all the skincare products you need, you can just layer them on top of each other like a cake! But actually, the ingredients of each skincare item matters. Why? Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellet said that
We definitely won't be trying this.
Do you remember the 100 Layers Challenge? It's just made a bit of an alarming comeback, with Korean beauty brand Soko Glam celebrating hitting 100,000 Instagram followers with a huge stack of sheet masks.Co-founder of the brand Charlotte
First things first. Dark circles and eye bags are different-you can have one or the other, or, annoyingly, both. But between the two, we'd take dark circles over bags any day because ICYDK, they're a lot easier
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