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It's not just a rub-and-wash kind of thing!
Washing and cleansing your face is supposed to be easy, right? You just wet your skin, rub on your cleanser, and that's it! WRONG-that's not how you're supposed to cleanse your face. To get the most out of
It's the perfect at-home treatment for your skin!
Various brands have now come out with serums, peels, and toners with brightening properties; because when you've finally conquered your acne, more often than not, you're left with unsightly marks and scars that take forever to fade. Though the hyperpigmentation
Don't forget to exfoliate!
In a country where the sun is always shining and the humidity levels are off the charts, it's almost unheard of to have dry skin-what with all the heat and moisture, the possibility of having a cracking, flaky complexion
Over-plucked brows? Popped zit? We have a solution.
Read our exclusive interview with the perky, provocative, and very <i>kikay</i> Jinri Park during the launch of her very own gravure book.
Radio DJ, model, and FHM Philippines columnist Jinri Park launched her very own gravure photobook, The Jinri Experience, last August 5 at Robinsons Galleria.Jinri's gravure book is the first of its kind in the Philippines. A gravure book is a
Two beauty experts answer your most pressing skin concerns with practical tips, and identify just what products you must invest in.
Everyday, our skin battles a lot of enemies: erratic climate changes, pollution, daily stress, and the inevitable aging process. Every woman is constantly in search of the best, most effective beauty products that deliver results the quickest--without burning holes in our
The flawless actress shares her summer plans and beauty tips, and how she won the battle with acne in her teens with Pond's Clear Solutions.
Before you head out to relish some well-deserved fun in your sunny destination, prettify your skin with Cosmo's easy-to-follow beauty tips.