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'I wear my color as a badge.'
A lot of Filipinos are naturally brown-skinned, but somehow, we (most of us, at least) were brought up to believe that "fair" or "maputi" is always better. Some of our titas say it out loud, while some movies not-so-subtly
The OG social-media source for inspirational images, Pinterest, just made an update to its platform that guarantees planning your future will be even more satisfying.Starting this week, users can search for anything makeup-related - be it a foundation, a smoky
Belo introduces its Intensive Whitening Bar.
It's no secret that a lot of women want fairer, brighter skin. Some girls go all-out and try all kinds of lotions, creams, soaps, pills, and even go as far as playing with injectables! Before you start doing chemistry experiments
Find your skin color and discover the palettes that flatter you most.<br />
Makeup trends are totally fun to try out (as in fuchsia glitter eyeliner), but every Cosmo chick needs a goof-proof palette that'll make her look fantastic no matter what. Think of it as the beauty equivalent of that favorite little