The two may be similar but they are not the same.
In case you don't know yet, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) are exfoliating ingredients that give you a smoother, radiant complexion. Despite the word "acid" in their name, these ingredients are mild-you won't
You won't regret adding this super ingredient to your regimen!
We know that hearing the words "snail mucus" or "snail slime" as a skincare ingredient can make you cringe. But here's a fun fact: It's actually packed with anti-wrinkle properties, and has hydrating and pore tightening capabilities!
Here's what you can learn from her flawless skin regimen.
You'd be forgiven for thinking Lure Hsu is a teenager or in her early 20s, max.However, the Taiwanese interior designer is actually 42 years old. Seriously.While you can presume genetics play the biggest part in Hsu's
Because they cancel each other out.
You may think that once you have all the skincare products you need, you can just layer them on top of each other like a cake! But actually, the ingredients of each skincare item matters. Why? Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellet said that
It's not as scary as it sounds.
Oh, the things you can discover on Reddit! The SkincareAddiction forum is a particular gold mine-you'll want to spend hours reading about skincare hacks and mishaps, from a guy who got a plastic microbead stuck in his pore to a
Prevention is key.
According to the NHS, ingrown hairs happen when "hairs have curled around and grown back into the skin." This can lead to red, itchy spots and whiteheads. Niiice.So how do we prevent them? Here's everything you need to know:
It's bad...
This summer, whether you're jetting off to Palawan or Boracay to escape the city heat, one thing's certain: You'll be riding a plane to get there. And even if the flight is only around 50 minutes to an hour
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