'To my fellow sun-kissed girls: Know that we glow differently.'
In the Philippines, growing up morena comes with a lot of character-building experiences. We've all heard stories of bullying, name-calling, and microaggressions that eventually pile into a tower of resentment. Additionally, there are the snide remarks from titas during
'I owe it to myself to embrace and celebrate my skin color.'
I was seven years old when I first realized that I was insecure about my skin color. I was listening to lecture on our Filipino ancestors-the Malay, the Indones, and the Aeta. My classmates and I had categorized each other according
Find the most flattering color for YOU!
Admit it: Your makeup collection has become pretty difficult to navigate because of your numerous lipsticks, face powders, and eyebrow products. If we were to guess the one product you might not have a lot of, though, we'd go with
The OG social-media source for inspirational images, Pinterest, just made an update to its platform that guarantees planning your future will be even more satisfying.Starting this week, users can search for anything makeup-related - be it a foundation, a smoky
~*Youthful and fresh*~
Enhance your beautiful morena skin tone with these ultra-flattering blushes.Look youthful in a second with a light veil of fuchsia on the apples of your cheeks.BYS Blush Duo in Paint It Pink, Robinsons Department StoresFeel free to use this
You may have been doing it wrong all this time.
Getting the right foundation by yourself can be intimidating. A bottle costs a lot, so you're pressured to get the absolute correct shade at first try. It's a good thing UK-based pro-makeup artist and YouTuber Wayne
It's pretty easy!
It can be mind-boggling to find that *perfect* shade of blush for our skin tone. Like, who has time to spend their life swatching every pan in the makeup store?Thankfully, Purewow has found the easiest hack to find the best
Give this bold hue a chance!
Bored with your red lipsticks? Give it a break and find the most flattering orange hue for you:Fair Skin: Orange RedThe blue tones of the red will balance out the paleness of your skin tone.NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in
Having a hard time finding your perfect match?
Like searching for The One, finding the perfect foundation shade involves a lot of trial and error. Morenas, most especially, have a hard time shopping for the perfect base closest to their skin tone. Most brands carry limited colors that sometimes force
Time for a fearless update!
If you're clueless and confused when it comes to choosing the right hair shade that'll complement your features, you can relax now. We asked three hair experts to enlighten us on the best and worst hair colors for
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