Spoiler: It's a major investment
While we often get questions from our readers about oily skin and acne, we're also asked about the best way to handle other skin concerns like wrinkles and sagging. It's important to acknowledge that aging is a natural
FYI, they're not pimples!
We all get small and hard-to-remove pimples on our faces, but when they appear in clusters and usually pop up around the eye and cheek area, they could be syringoma. Never heard of it? We spoke to Dr. Vicki Belo
Spoiler: It did *more* than that.
Our Manila weather currently can't make up its mind: One minute it feels like summer, the next it's cold AF. The drastic weather changes can affect our skin, leading to irritation, redness, and dryness. And if you exhibit
It's the new must-have anti-aging treatment!
Forget Botox, because vampirism is now a thing. Thank god the people who get these treatments don't literally bite someone's neck and suck the blood out of them! No, they get blood transfusions-from TEENAGERS-in an attempt to evade
Longing to relax and recharge over the weekend? Treat yourself to some indulgent "me" time with these rejuvenating services.
It's official--in observance of Eid'l Fitr and of Ninoy Aquino Day, Malacanang has declared August 20, Monday, and August 21, Tuesday non-working holidays. And we're betting that right about the time you received that blessed e-mail
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