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How to differentiate 'oily' from 'dehydrated.'
You've read all the oily skin signs-enlarged pores, excessive shine, and a greasy T-zone-and you've even taken the test, but what if we told you that you could be mistaken? That what you assume to
Let's settle this once and for all.
The truth is, even if you buy the most expensive and luxurious skincare and makeup products, if they're not the right kind for your skin type, then consider yourself screwed (and broke).So to *finally* find out the skin type that
Balance your oily t-zone and dry cheeks!
Facialist Boldijarre Koronczay is the president of Éminence Organic Skincare, the natural beauty brand that has a fan base boasting A-list's most picture-perfect from Jessica Biel to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Megan Fox. Phew! While he's hailed