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Even stars have their fair share of acne problems.
Acne is nothing new for many of us. It's been a recurring thing since our teenage years, and it's something that can persist even until we enter adulthood. And while it's not something we should be
It's only the most important thing to getting rly good skin.
If you've ever wondered what your skin barrier actually is, you're definitely not alone (see: me, not too long ago, plus every single friend who texts and DMs me about their inflamed, red skin on a regular basis). You'
Spoiler: I'm never going back to waxing.
What do you do when you have body hair you'd rather live without (which, btw, is 100 percent your choice and is not something you should feel obligated to remove) but have tried and hated all the popular DIY hair removal
A derm weighs in on *everything* you need to know.
K, I got some important news for ya: Despite what your frantic internet search history might be telling you, breaking out after starting a new skincare product isn't always a sign that your skin is "purging." Nope, according to dermatologist
Wear sunscreen, you guys.
Before we get into this, let's first take a second to remind ourselves that tanning-whether outdoors or in tanning beds-is no good. We don't do that. Nope, nope, nope. And if you're thinking But
Those who are into the social media sharing platform TikTok know that it is a melting pot for new beauty trends. Recently, everyone is going crazy over this supposedly new "trick" to treat acne by using hydrocolloid bandages.ICYDK, hydrocolloid bandages are
I mean, see a derm first. But this can help, too.
If you've dealt with breakouts, you're probably reeeal familiar with this spiral: Your skin freaks out. Then you freak out. Then your skin gets worse. Then your feels follow suit. Then....It's vicious and cyclical, for sure-but it'
They aren't really necessary!
It's not a sin to go all-out and extra with your skincare routine. You can have five, 10, or heck, even 15 steps-as long as they work for you and your skin is thriving, that's your
It's actually *different* from your regular breakouts.
If you have a lovely smattering of small pimples that won't freakin' go away, even with your usual acne treatments, you miiiight be experiencing something called fungal acne-i.e., acne-looking bumps that are usually tiny, uniform, red,
Don't worry, it's not all bad.
I can't remember the last time I went without takeaway coffee in the morning and dread to think how much I've spent on my caffeine addiction over the years. But it's what wakes me up after a night
They're still gentle on the skin.
There's no doubt about it-breakouts aren't just limited to your face. They occur anywhere you have pores, with the common problem areas being the chest and back. There are also a ton of reasons why they pop
Straight from a dermatologist!
When you first start getting into the ~world of skincare~, one of the few things you have to know is your skin type. This is so you can properly treat your complexion with the right products. One of the most popular kinds
Hello there! We think we're all in agreement when we say that breakouts are simply the worst. It's even more annoying when you *know* you've been diligent with your regimen but your skin still decides to
Spoiler alert: They still look stunning!
If you think how K-drama leading ladies look on-screen is awe-inspiring, wait until you see them without an ounce of makeup on-truthfully, it's almost unfair. We'd even argue that there isn't much
Follow-up Q: Heart Evangelista does it, so should I do the same, too?
When I first saw Heart Evangelista drink bone broth, my first question was: "Oh, do I need this in my life?" I mean, Heart swears by bone broth's benefits and seeing that she looks great 24/7, I had to
There's always a *unique* story behind each ink.
When you think about getting a tattoo, most of the time it's the design that first comes to mind. Aside from planning the placement of your ink, usually you start by asking yourself, "Do I want it to be low-
The studio encourages clients to set an appointment before making a visit.
Do you still remember the things you got to do and the places you got to visit before the lockdown was announced? For me, I clearly remember getting a helix piercing before the quarantine started. The process was painful, but it was
They're super low-key!
When it comes to tattoos, we usually prefer small, delicate ones because they're less painful since they only cover a tiny area of our skin. Plus, they can be easily covered if needed! One of the ~hidden~ spots on your
Say goodbye to pesky pimples!
We think we're all in agreement when we say we hate the sight of a newly-emerged pimple. You've done everything in your power to not get zits-stick to your skincare routine, not touch your face, and
So dainty!
There are tons of designs you can choose from for your very first tattoo, but we're very much into the ~delicate~ ones. There's not much shading involved and it won't hurt as much since the procedure