Here are her glowing skin secrets!
Have you ever wondered how Elisse Joson manages to have a smooth, glowing complexion? Well, you're in luck because she shared the exact products she uses in her nighttime skincare routine on her YouTube channel:1. Elisse took off the surface
Look ~*extra*~ glowing the morning after.
Spending the night at bae's place doesn't mean you need to bring your whole vanity collection. Here, we tell you the purse-friendly beauty essentials you can use to freshen up!VIDEO: Trina ElefanteFollow Ira on Instagram. Follow Trina on
It's called the 'toner wash method.'
Because Koreans look like they've never had a single pimple their entire lives, we're always ready to try each new beauty product or technique they "invent." The latest one is the toner wash method. While the 7 skin
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