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Taking down notes!
Hello, guys! I've never been *this excited* to report a skincare must-have list! Our favorite skincare guru, Hyram, just released his best skincare recommendations for 2020!If you're not yet familiar with Hyram, he is a skincare
Protect yourself from diseases.
Floodwater is filled with things that are dangerous to your health. Some substances like feces, hazardous waste, coal ash waste, and other contaminants may cause illness. There are also debris and downed power lines that may harm you. You may get wounds,
Glowing and even skin tone, right this way!
Aside from acne, one of the top concerns of Pinays is discoloration. Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, can be caused by too much sun exposure or hormonal imbalances. The good news is that you don't have to burn a hole in
Expect only clear skin from this day forward.
Whenever we have chats with our friends or we observe shoppers in the department store, we always find them raving about the internet-famous facial wash, Senka Perfect Whip. People would also randomly DM us when we post a shot of our
Get the ~*glowiest*~ skin of your life!
Ah, hyaluronic acid, the golden child of skincare. This hydrating component can be found in a lot of products because it's famous for making the complexion plump and supple. These two basic qualities describe what a healthy, glowing complexion should
Vital info, right this way!
The first step to having healthy skin is to have a cleanser that will work for you. Your serums and moisturizers-no matter how good their formulas are-won't work their full potential if your complexion isn't a
Bring hand cream wherever you go.
Because of COVID-19, we're washing and sanitizing our hands more than ever. This is indeed good practice, but this may leave you with dry, cracked skin. Excessively parched hands are not something to be taken lightly of. You can
When DIY is the way to go.
Most of us are still cautious about getting facials because it's impossible to be physically distant from your aesthetician. The pandemic surely has us a bit paranoid for our own safety, which we think is actually a good thing. As
They have fashion and lifestyle items, too!
Shopping for beauty products can be an overwhelming task. Indeed, it is a blessing that we've got a wide array of brands to choose from but to narrow down what to take home is another story. As consumers, we often
Their products are super pretty, too!
Despite what you see on social media, an excessive skincare routine is not all that. Cliché as it may sound, but when it comes to routines, less is more. Think about it this way, when you've got a simple regimen,
Plus, the best products to try!
Most skincare products that aim to get rid of common skin concerns like acne and uneven texture may be too strong for some complexions, those with sensitive skin, to be exact. This is why we're here to introduce you to
Time to downsize your regimen.
Gone are the days when the 10-step skincare routine was the standard. (We applaud you, though, if that kind of system works for you!) Now, we prefer routines that get the job done without the use of excessive products-BTW, the
Prepare to look flawless.
Before anything else, we just want to say that having acne and acne scars is normal. It doesn't make you less of a person if you have blemishes on your face. But if you've come to a point
Being at home is not an excuse to skip this skincare essential.
We can't say it enough: wear sunscreen, even if you're just indoors! Yes, even if you're just working from home, in front of a computer like the rest of us. So here's another article
Gentle and effective.
Simple, mild, effective-those are the three words that could best describe Dear Klairs' lineup. The K-beauty brand takes pride in providing products made with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin but can address the most common skincare concerns.
Don't panic yet.
Nothing is more exciting for a beauty enthusiast than trying out new products. But that's not always a success, especially if we're talking about skincare. Sometimes, you'd experiment with a new product variant to see if
And backed by science.
Every cloud has a silver lining, like the fact I got a notification this morning that my phone screen time was up by 15 percent, whilst simultaneously watching Hailey Baldwin share her entire skincare routine.Now, I fully hold my hands up
They're *really* effective.
Diving into the world of skincare can be hard enough, and beginning to experiment with different kinds of acids is even more daunting. If it's your first time incorporating them into your routine, then you need to check out The
They're super affordable!
Solving your pore-related problems is totally possible-even on a budget. Besides, it's all about switching to products with the right "tightening" ingredients that'll make them less visible to the naked eye. Keep scrolling for some cool
Get that 'glass skin' glow—not the shine!
Fun fact: A serum is a must-have if you want to boost your skincare routine's effectivity. Each bottle is formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients to target specific concerns. If you have oily skin, we strongly recommend