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It’s your new kikay kit staple!
When a beauty product is being raved about by almost the entire beauty community on TikTok, you just know that it has to be *that* good. Case in point: This oil control roller has recently been making the rounds on beauty TikTok,
Here's how you can fake that summer look.
Don't you just love it when you get that natural *glow* after spending some time at the beach? The good news is, you can keep that radiant, sun-kissed look even if you're back in the city. Moisture is key
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Today in beauty news: CeraVe is now available on Watsons! If your "For You" page on TikTok is skewed on the skincare side of the app, you've probably come across this affordable drugstore brand. It's been around for
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Good news: You can score a ~*glowing*~ skin without spending too much. There are a bunch of affordable yet effective skincare finds out there that work like magic. Today, we're putting the spotlight on this duo that everyone-including ourselves-
Take a look at their tried-and-true faves.
If you've ever dealt with persistent acne before, you'd know how frustrating it is to find a pimple treatment that *actually* works. So when our favorite influencers rave about their tried-and-true zit zappers, we can't help but
Meet your acne-busting warriors.
Quick science lesson: Salicylic acid is a type of BHA that is known for its zit-sapping ability. It can expunge stuck dirt and sebum in the pores while renewing the skin's surface. This is the major reason you spot
'Talagang maganda siya sa skin ko.'
Jinkee Pacquiao has finally achieved one of her life goals: to have her own skincare line.The wife of the presidential aspirant and senator Manny Pacquiao is entering the beauty industry with the launch of Jinkee Skin.She hosted an intimate launch
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December 12 has entered the chat, aka the time when it's almost guilt-free to shop online, plus you've already gotten your 13th-month pay. This could also be the best chance to shop for Christmas gifts!We&#
These aren't sticky, I promise!
I remember when I first encountered lip oil. It reminded me of a lip gloss, only it's focused on keeping the pout nourished (like a lip balm, I guess?). I've been seeing girls loving lip oils in my
Super-charge your skin.
Good skin will always be in. Plus, I've noticed that in 2020, Pinays were more focused on taking care of their skin. Another trend I witnessed rising in 2021 is Skinimalism! People were comfortable in embracing their real skin-pores,
It's loaded with AHA *and* BHA.
Hello there! Let us preface this article by saying that acne, dark spots, and skin texture are *completely* normal-they don't make you any less beautiful, nor do they diminish your worth. However, if you prefer to use products to
Everything you need to know, right this way.
Whiteheads are just as annoying as regular zits because they eventually "mature" into fully grown pimples. If you're absolutely determined to get rid of these bumps, read on to find out ~*everything*~ you need to make them go away for
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Since September has entered the chat, I've been busy browsing the listings on the Lazada app just to find the best deals for the 9.9 sale. Yep, I'm all geared up to spend my hard-earned money
Perfect for ~budgetarians~!
If you're on the hunt for more affordable skincare products to try out or add to your rotation, we have some exciting news for you. ICYDK, Careline now has its own skincare line called Careline Skin! Yup, you read that
Did they live up to their claims?
Creating a skincare routine from scratch isn't always easy, especially if you're still learning what works for your complexion and what doesn't. This is where skincare sets come in handy-they provide you with a complete
Get the ~*glass skin*~ of your dreams!
While watching Korean dramas and fiilms, do you find yourself wondering how the actresses have such immaculate-looking skin? Well, you aren't alone. There must be more to it than genetics, right? So we did some digging. Ahead, we rounded
You deserve it!
What's the first thing you do when you get your sweldo (or let's say, a lil' extra money in general)? If you're being a responsible adult-and I sure hope that you are-you'
I gotchu, fam!
I've lived with oily skin all my life. I think I've done almost everything to manage the shine and zits. I've tried shine-controlling toners, spot treatments, anti-acne facials, and invasive procedures like lasers and
Your complexion will thank you!
For a lot of people, 2021 is the year they decided to ~invest~ in their skin. Nope, this doesn't necessarily mean dropping half your salary on that buzzy face serum the internet can't stop talking about, but it&#
It's the 'new glow up.'
I first came across the term "skinimalism" in a Popsugar article. It was declared that skinimalism will be he biggest beauty trend of 2021. Pinterest also said that "skinimalism" is the new glow-up everybody will be embracing. This buzzy word has