Being at home is not an excuse to skip this skincare essential.
We can't say it enough: wear sunscreen, even if you're just indoors! Yes, even if you're just working from home, in front of a computer like the rest of us. So here's another article
Best (re)discovery this quarantine!
When lockdowns and quarantine protocols were put into place last March, I found myself at a loss. I've always been a planner by nature (also I'm a Capricorn, lol.) so I've always felt like I needed to have
Uhh, definitely read this first.
As we are now on day INFINITY of our apocalyptic, mask-wearing lives, it's unsurprising that civilization has tried to make cloth face masks as cute, comfortable, and sanity-preserving as possible. I mean, we're midway through 2020, and
We've got all your self-care needs covered!
Every year without fail, the Cosmopolitan Editors test the best beauty products in the market, covering all major categories from skincare and makeup to hair care and body care. We're proud to announce that our 2020 edition might be our ~*
What's with all the hype?
If you have ever been on the hunt, browsing for skincare options to return the glow to your tired AF skin, the chances are you have come across glycolic acid. This super acid is a part of the holy grail of skin
Gentle and effective.
Simple, mild, effective-those are the three words that could best describe Dear Klairs' lineup. The K-beauty brand takes pride in providing products made with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin but can address the most common skincare concerns.
Only tried-and-tested finds here.
Acne scars come in different forms. Sometimes, they're flat, red spots that still look like zits from afar. Then, there are instances when they appear like deep dents on the face. If you want to get rid of them, you must
I'm sorry.
We all know that alcohol isn't great, sure, it's all fun and games when you're singing Beyonce to a captivated audience of night bus dwellers, but it's not-so-good for your skin."There'
Don't panic yet.
Nothing is more exciting for a beauty enthusiast than trying out new products. But that's not always a success, especially if we're talking about skincare. Sometimes, you'd experiment with a new product variant to see if
Plus, check out her full skincare routine here!
Maja Salvador's job as an actress requires long working hours, which means she's always puyat and prone to eye bags. So, when she shared her morning skincare routine, she had a special step dedicated to calming down dark
These will give your skin a ~healthy glow~!
No matter how simple or complex your skincare routine is, one thing that you should never scrimp on is sunscreen. Slapping on some SPF will not only protect your complexion from the sun's harsh UV rays, but it will also
Tip: Always be careful with what you apply on your skin.
We've been seeing a lot of skin rejuvenating sets being sold online and reviews of people who used it and saw great results. These promise to treat breakouts, smoothen out skin texture, and fade acne scars. The kit is usually
And backed by science.
Every cloud has a silver lining, like the fact I got a notification this morning that my phone screen time was up by 15 percent, whilst simultaneously watching Hailey Baldwin share her entire skincare routine.Now, I fully hold my hands up
There's one for every budget!
Retinol is considered the skin-perfecting elixir in skincare. It is a form or derivative of vitamin A that is proven to have anti-aging effects. It boosts the skin's ability to produce collagen and it strengthens the protective function
It's great for oily skin types!
Scoring "glass skin" is the goal of many. It is described as having smooth, even-toned skin that glows. It looks lustrous and flawless especially when the light touches the face-like that of glass. The obsession with this ~trend~ has brought
They offer soaps, serums, creams, and many more.
We're lucky we live in an era where local skincare brands are thriving. This also means that we have more natural, vegan options-which is great if you're leaning into gentle products and perhaps, clean beauty. One Filipino
You might just find your new go-to here.
Maybe you feel like your current facial wash is no longer working for you, or maybe you're just bored with the same one you've been using for years, but since you clicked on this article, chances are, you're probably
This routine helps prevent 'maskne.'
Everyone is required to wear a mask to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. A protective face mask, whether surgical or made of cloth, can still cause friction on the skin which may result in maskne. These are the zits found
First things first: stop picking at that pore.
Does this sitch sound familiar: You spot a teeny tiny little spot on your cheek. You think maybe you can get something out of it. You decide to just barely touch it and see what happens. Two minutes later you're
Add it to your arsenal of blemish-busting products!
Anyone who has acne-prone skin knows that a multi-pronged approach is usually the best way of dealing with zits. You bust out your patches, creams, and clay masks in the hopes of making them disappear by tomorrow. You also bring
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