You can't shrink them but you can definitely minimize them.
Here's one important thing to know about large pores: You can't shrink them but you can definitely minimize them. But before you reach for a primer or a foundation, know that with proper skincare habits, you can reduce
There was a time when she would say no to close-up shots.
Yassi Pressman, known for her glowing skin, also had her own battle with pimples and acne when she was in her teens.Adolescents usually encounter acne and skin breakouts because of hormonal changes that come with puberty. "I really went through it
We asked a skincare chemist to tell us the real deal about it.
Toners are normally perceived as a product that one uses to kill pimples. As a result, most people tend to skip it-they believe that toners aren't necessary if there is not a zit in sight. They just assume that
Look well-rested ASAP!
K-beauty skincare junkies, I come bearing good news! Cult-favorite K-beauty brand COSRX added *another* product to their snail mucin line, the Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream.A few days ago, COSRX posted this texture shot teaser on their official
Don't just copy everything you see on Instagram.
Instagram influencers often offer a wealth of beauty tricks and tips. But of course, their advice should also be taken with a grain of salt, particularly when it comes to skincare. Trying out a new treatment or splurging on an expensive product
You may be doing your skin more harm than good.
Spot treatments are a godsend. They banish pimples by reducing their redness and inflammation without the risk of deep scarring and infection. You can usually find these ingredients in spot treatments: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, bee venom, etc. You
It's only P279!
It's time to rejoice because one of the internet's favorite cleansers is now in the Philippines. For years, we've been seeing rave reviews about the Senka Perfect Whip all over the web, only to resort to
Save your skin and your sweldo!
There's a misconception that to have clear skin, one must spend thousands of pesos on products and derma treatments. While we won't deny that skincare is going to cost you a bit, there are ways to *cheat* the
Your deepest and darkest questions—answered!
Dark spots-one of the most stubborn creatures to ever reside on your face. Most of us have dealt with these pesky spots at least once in our lifetime. These are caused by a lot of things, but its two main culprits
The company has settled an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission.
Luxury skincare brand Sunday Riley has settled the investigation brought by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after it was revealed that employees were asked to post fake positive reviews of their products in order to boost sales.This consumer deception came
P.S. Their products are suitable for all skin types!
Korean and Japanese beauty brands have dominated the field when it comes to ~Asian~ skincare. We've been blessed with toners, serums, essences, and even trends such as the 10-step skincare routine, skip-care, and glass skin. However, there'
Learn how to take pretty #shelfies here!
We love #shelfies, aka artfully arranged beauty products on Instagram, because it is where we spot our next purchases or become inspired to fix our vanity area. We know it takes A LOT to get the perfect shot, and this thought stop
#Projectpan and #empties are here to change your consumer ways.
Instagram is a great place to ogle at envy-worthy shelfies. It's also where we discover cool products with pretty packaging and interesting benefits. We won't deny it: Instagram is where we usually find the next thing we'll
No more breakouts FOREVER?!
Acne is one hundred percent that b*tch. We're all just done with it, and we're always on the lookout for new products that'll get rid of-and prevent-annoying pimples! We've got great
No dry, tight feeling here!
Most of us grew up with the belief that your face wash is effective if it leaves you with that "squeaky clean" feeling. But, over the years, we've learned that's actually not true. If your facial wash leaves
Spoiler alert: People with oily skin need it too!
Adding facial oils to your daily nighttime skincare routine is something that can be very daunting to some of us, especially those with oily skin. After all, why on earth would you apply more oil to an ~already~ oily face? Sounds a
The PR Officer of Belo Beauty talks about her beauty mistakes and the lessons she learned along the way.
When I first met Steph Ongkiko, I couldn't stop staring at her flawless skin. I assumed that because she is the Senior Corporate Communications Officer of Belo and the Social Media of Dr. Vicki Belo herself, she never had skin
She knows she has a lot to learn about beauty, okay?
Okay, so picture this. You're a 15-year-old teen again (no, this isn't a nightmare) and you have more than a few zits you'd like to get rid of because, duh, zits suck! So what
I was curious to try the Dr. Vicki Belo-approved skincare routine.
I was initially shocked when I heard that Dr. Vicki Belo recommends a skincare routine that doesn't involve moisturizer. It was the complete opposite of what I have learned over the years. Before I became a beauty editor, I worked
AHA, BHA, what do they all mean?
If you didn't know by now, exfoliating is a VERY important step in your skincare routine, even though it is not a step that you do daily like cleansing or toning. Exfoliating helps in sloughing away the accumulated dead skin
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