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At your own pace, ofc!
Before everything else, I'd like to remind you that it's not required to have a glow-up for the New Year. It feels like a tradition that should be followed, but it is really up to you! I
Those Pinterest hacks need to stay in Pinterest.
We've read a lot of Pinterest hacks that say baking soda can be a great DIY facial ingredient. While these recipes may seem practical and effective, baking soda is better left out of our facial care routines. But this is
It makes the skin feel super smooth!
Lotions do an amazing job in moisturizing the skin but have you ever tried using body oils?Body oils are ~hidden gems~. They help bring back (and trap!) moisture into your skin, especially after showering or exfoliating. Body oils aren't
Unlocked: Nature's multipurpose beauty product.
They call the Coconut Tree the Tree of Life because its parts have so many uses! Well, even if you take just the coconut oil, that alone can benefit you in tons of ways. But, if you want to experience this underrated
'Talagang maganda siya sa skin ko.'
Jinkee Pacquiao has finally achieved one of her life goals: to have her own skincare line.The wife of the presidential aspirant and senator Manny Pacquiao is entering the beauty industry with the launch of Jinkee Skin.She hosted an intimate launch
'Acne is NORMAL.'
In case you need to be reminded, having acne is totally normal-not even celebrities and influencers, who seem to have flawless skin, are exempted from it. In fact, many of them have stepped up to share their personal experiences with their
Because skincare is life!
With people staying more at home in the past two years, the skincare industry has grown exponentially. We've seen an increasing number of skincare products in the market as self-care becomes a necessity. Popular ingredients have emerged and become household
Plus more healthy skin tips from Dr. Coreen Sampedro!
It's your lucky day because we've got a ton of helpful skincare advice from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Coreen Sampedro. She was a guest derm at Physiogel's Facebook Live Session, which was hosted by Bianca Valerio.
It's time to evaluate your food choices.
While acne may develop because of our environment and genetics, lifestyle habits like diets can trigger breakouts. Here we break down the foods that may cause pimples. Please note that these are just general guidelines, and there are not enough studies that
Super-charge your skin.
Good skin will always be in. Plus, I've noticed that in 2020, Pinays were more focused on taking care of their skin. Another trend I witnessed rising in 2021 is Skinimalism! People were comfortable in embracing their real skin-pores,
Know more about Dr. Issa Cellona's teenage skincare 101 book here!
The world of skincare can be overwhelming. All the ingredients and technical terms can be too much for newbies, especially teens. Thankfully, there's now a book that answers all the skincare FAQs, and the best part is that it'
Here's a reminder from In Yeop that ~true beauty~ comes from within.
It's official: Hwang In Yeop is the new face of BYS Philippines! In the past weeks, the brand has been dropping hints on its social media accounts and fans of the model-turned-actor were quick to guess it.The
It's loaded with AHA *and* BHA.
Hello there! Let us preface this article by saying that acne, dark spots, and skin texture are *completely* normal-they don't make you any less beautiful, nor do they diminish your worth. However, if you prefer to use products to
Everything you need to know, right this way.
Whiteheads are just as annoying as regular zits because they eventually "mature" into fully grown pimples. If you're absolutely determined to get rid of these bumps, read on to find out ~*everything*~ you need to make them go away for
All your beauty and wellness needs, right this way!
Hello there! It's that time of the year again when the Cosmopolitan Editors review hundreds of beauty and wellness products in the search for the *best* ones that are worth your hard-earned sweldo. This year's theme is
Let your skin breathe.
We're fortunate to live in a time when skinimalism is in: Acne, skin texture, pores are normal. These are not meant to be hidden anymore or be considered flaws. These conditions happen to everyone, and they should be normalized. Skinimalism
Time to wind down.
A healthy, glowing complexion has always been a goal of ours, and we believe that a good skincare routine plays a major role in that objective. The most basic regimen you can try would be a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen (very
It was a day full of skincare tips and fun bonding!
We certainly missed going to events IRL, and we couldn't believe Pond's and Cosmopolitan Philippines pulled off a fun beauty-filled afternoon that everyone enjoyed right at the comfort of their homes.On July 30, Pond's,
Even stars have their fair share of acne problems.
Acne is nothing new for many of us. It's been a recurring thing since our teenage years, and it's something that can persist even until we enter adulthood. And while it's not something we should be
All hail me, the slug queen, with a face coated in Vaseline.
One fateful night, many moons ago (*dims lights*), I looked in the bathroom mirror before bed and realized that my skin was absolutely, positively, utterly f*cked up. My face was perpetually red and dry, I had a tiny rash around my