She knows she has a lot to learn about beauty, okay?
Okay, so picture this. You're a 15-year-old teen again (no, this isn't a nightmare) and you have more than a few zits you'd like to get rid of because, duh, zits suck! So what
I was curious to try the Dr. Vicki Belo-approved skincare routine.
I was initially shocked when I heard that Dr. Vicki Belo recommends a skincare routine that doesn't involve moisturizer. It was the complete opposite of what I have learned over the years. Before I became a beauty editor, I worked
AHA, BHA, what do they all mean?
If you didn't know by now, exfoliating is a VERY important step in your skincare routine, even though it is not a step that you do daily like cleansing or toning. Exfoliating helps in sloughing away the accumulated dead skin
Sadly, the famous K-beauty skincare regimen is not for everyone.
The 10-step Korean skincare routine no doubt offers promising results, but the reality is that it may not work for everyone. There could only be two possible turnouts: either your skin loves it and you become the glass-skinned queen you&#
Presenting the 90 winners!
Last year, the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards officially went digital and now, we're back! From anti-hulas makeup products to the most nakaka-fresh perfumes, below is a list of the best beauty products of 2019 that should belong in your
If you thought vagacials are crazy, then I would like to report that butt facials exist. Just like the pore-clearing procedure done on your face, a butt facial is meant to clear clogged pores, remove dead skin buildup, even out pigmentation,
Prepare to be equal parts confused and enlightened.
So here's a debate that's been going on for, oh, all of human history aka since the '30s: Are parabens bad for you or nah? To sum up: A 2004 study, the same one that sparked their
Find out if they worked on our complexions here.
If you want your makeup to look flawless all the time, having good skin is key. And how do you achieve that? By eating right and following a solid skincare routine of course. If you're looking to start or improve
Matipid but nakaka-fresh!
Achieving flawless skin can cost a lot of money. Can you imagine all the products you need to incorporate in your routine just to keep skin breakouts at bay and your complexion moisturized? (We actually tried computing our skincare expenses, and we
Looking to give those pits some love?
We don't know what it is about smooth and bright armpits, but everyone seems to be mesmerized when someone posts a photo that bares flawless underarms. Sure, unblemished pits are nice to look at, but really, not having the smoothest
Just when you thought it was safe to go outside.
If you've ever mixed some liquid highlighter into your base or boosted your moisturizer with a few drops of face oil, welcome to our club: We love a bit of freewheeling, product-enhancing skin cocktailing in the Cosmopolitan beauty department.
'Do I really need it?'
While a basic yet consistent skincare routine-we're talking about topical serums and moisturizers-is vital in scoring a flawless, youthful complexion, there are other things you can try to boost up your skin's health. Facials, treatments, and
See you on August 31 and September 1!
OMG, guys! If you thought our first list of brands that will be selling at the Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON was enough to get your heart jump with excitement, wait until you see our second batch. Read on to see the makeup, hair care,
Look for these excellent finds on your next supermarket trip.
Oftentimes, skincare can be quite a chore: staying up a few extra minutes to do all 10 steps of your routine, spending hefty amounts for your holy-grails, and of course, searching high and low or ordering online to get your go-
Presenting batch one of all the makeup, skincare, hair, personal care, and food brands!
Hey, CGs! The biggest beauty and wellness festival in the metro, Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, is less than a month away. For two days, we have so many fun things and surprises in store for you! To get you even more excited, we have
If you're a fan of Asian skincare, then you've probably heard or read about Hada Labo at least once. Thing is, their products are only available outside the Philippines-that is, until now.That's right-you
Read up on cosmetic acupuncture + its skin-loving benefits.
I absolutely HATE the sensation of anything that resembles an electric current: static electricity, that "ngilo" feeling when you get cavities drilled by your dentist, or even the occasional audible spark when you plug something into a socket. When my teammate Ysa
I am impressed!
As a twenty-something millennial who is usually on the go, I make it a point to always do my nighttime skincare routine, especially after a long and tiring day. It can get tedious, but a girl's gotta do what a
It’s a big mood.
Nowadays, we all know Kendall Jenner as an über-successful supermodel who has no issue getting in front of the camera, but she wasn't always like that. You see, Kendall used to struggle with acne, as have many teens and
The stress ball really helped, TBH.
I've been experiencing a few acne breakouts on my chin lately so it has been riddled with post-acne marks that just won't go away. Luckily, I was able to try Simply Skin's new facial: the
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