The pants triggered agonizing pain that lasted five(!) weeks.
Last week, everyone was talking about a 35-year-old woman who was hospitalized after skinny jeans left her temporarily paralyzed. Now, skinny jeans have struck again: Lesley Kime, a 31-year-old from England, recently suffered a five-week UTI (!) triggered
You have to let them go.
Can your jeans be too tight for you? Following a news report that a woman in the US was hospitalized for four days because of a pair of skinny jeans, the answer seems to be an alarming yes. Avoid meeting the same
Your skinny jeans could put you in the hospital.
The Associated Press reports a woman spent four days in a hospital with muscle damage after squatting repeatedly for hours while wearing skinny jeans. This is completely horrifying.The 35-year-old woman (whose name has not been released) was helping a
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