Give your doggos and puppers a hug!
Here's yet another reason why you shouldn't worry about not having an S.O. sleeping beside you: a recent study by experts from Canisius College in New York and initially published in the Anthrozoƶs journal revealed that
Does this impact you?
We all know that a bad night's sleep is a recipe for disaster when it comes to a being productive at work, but according to a new study, losing out on just over a quarter of an hour of sleep
Go ahead and treat yourself by sleeping in this weekend.
Sleeping in on Saturday has long been chastised by sleep experts and moms alike-but a new study says the habit could lower your risk of death. Researchers at Stockholm University discovered that adults who logged up to five hours of sleep
Other than just feeling horrifically tired all the time.
Three years ago, I moved into an awful house share for university and developed insomnia as a result of it. The physical sleeping conditions were your typical brand of dorm: Walls that blocked no sound, uncomfy bed, curtains thinner than a piece
Create a fresh and dewy canvas.
If you haven't been clocking in enough sleeping time lately, fear not! We rounded up the best primers that can instantly plump and brighten dehydrated and dull skin.The gold flakes and hyaluronic acid content of this base will wake
These are more affordable, too!
When Laneige Philippines bid our country goodbye, so did its outstanding Water Sleeping Mask-the glow-boosting product that hides all signs of skin stress and fatigue overnight. It's sooo good that one tub is sold every 12 seconds around
Maximize every minute of your beauty sleep!
Whether you always have a hard time sleeping or you just simply lack hours of Zzzs, turn to these essentials that will help you doze off like a pampered princess.Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, P945/225g, Glorietta 3Human Nature Lavender Oil, P245,
Sleep may be considered a luxury, but thanks to these genius products, you can look like you had an eight-hour slumber even without the Zzzs.1. De-puff as soon as you wake up.This eye cream has a ball-shaped
So you should definitely do it.
If your weeknight sleep schedule leaves you feeling downright exhausted by the time Friday rolls around, the last thing you want to hear is that catching up on sleep on weekends is no good for your health, as states recent research from
Because sleep is for the ~weak~.
Do you remember the last time you had a full eight-hour sleep on a weeknight? Me neither. I think ever since I hit my last year of college (Thesis, I'm looking at you!), sleep has become a long lost friend
Not cool, aging!
Getting enough sleep is a big issue for a lot of people, and it only gets worse as we age.In a study published in Neuron, a group of U.C. Berkeley researchers argue that certain brain mechanisms change as we age,
What exactly is sleep paralysis?
In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner revealed that she experiences sleep paralysis because of all the stress and anxiety that come with her modeling career. Kendall tells momager Kris and sister Kim, "I wake up in
You're actually making things harder for you!
You know the drill: every night you swear you'll sleep earlier so you clock in the full eight hours, but the Internet has other plans. Suddenly, it's midnight, and you have to wake up early to beat the traffic. That'
Have a great beauty rest!
Finding it hard to doze off every night? Make an effort to do these things so you won't miss out on precious sleep!1. Stay away from technology a few hours before bedtime. Charles A. Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D., a
No sleeping pills or warm milk required.
YouTube/Andrew Weil, M.D.Insomnia is the worst. The tossing and turning, the anxious glances over at the clock, the overwhelming feeling that every single person in the world is asleep except you.If all the conventional cures have failed you (
No one likes tossing and turning in bed.
If your body clock is messed up or you just can't sleep when you really want to or have to, here are science-backed ways to finally hit the Zs:1. Try to stay awake.A study done by researchers at
Myth: Counting sheep will help you fall asleep.
Myth #1: Sleep is an inactive, passive activity.While the body rests, the brain remains active during sleep. According to Help Guide, "During REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, your brain consolidates and processes the information you've learned during the day, forms
Try the 'inverted snooze' instead.
What's your initial reaction when you hear your alarm go off in the morning? We're guessing you like to hit the snooze button to give you another 10 minutes of sleep. How many times do you hit the snooze button
There's more to it that being sleepy all the time.
1. You're always hungry. Your brain gets energy from food and sleep. If it's lacking energy from sleep, it'll compensate by getting it from food. Your stomach will produce more ghrelin, the hunger hormone, so you'll feel hungry-
Genetic mutation isn't just for sci-fi!
Some people-an estimated 1 percent of the general population-can get away with having less than eight hours of sleep a night without having to nap during the day. And by "get away," we mean they're active, they can think
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