Attention side sleepers!
Did you know that the most common sleeping position is on your side? Yes, at night, we don't exactly know how many times we switch positions, but when it comes to preference, most of the world are side sleepers. And
Find out which positions are the best and worst for you.
BEST: Lying on your back.Whether your arms are to the side (the "Soldier" position) or up (the "Starfish"), lying on your back is the best position for your spine, making it the best for your whole body too. It keeps and
What does a guy's favorite sleeping position tell you about him? You'll be surprised. Let our August hunk show you the wonders of (his) body...language.
We promised we would help you decode certain male body language as we tell you all about our August Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko--and unveil for you his swoon-inducing bod (it's body love this month, after all). Now that you
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