Lack of sleep could affect your social life, too.
By now, you're already well-aware that a lack of sleep can cause serious health issues, but what you probably didn't know is it doesn't only affect your body-it affect your relationships as well as
Maximize every minute of your beauty sleep!
Whether you always have a hard time sleeping or you just simply lack hours of Zzzs, turn to these essentials that will help you doze off like a pampered princess.Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, P945/225g, Glorietta 3Human Nature Lavender Oil, P245,
Sleep may be considered a luxury, but thanks to these genius products, you can look like you had an eight-hour slumber even without the Zzzs.1. De-puff as soon as you wake up.This eye cream has a ball-shaped
You're actually making things harder for you!
You know the drill: every night you swear you'll sleep earlier so you clock in the full eight hours, but the Internet has other plans. Suddenly, it's midnight, and you have to wake up early to beat the traffic. That'
Have a great beauty rest!
Finding it hard to doze off every night? Make an effort to do these things so you won't miss out on precious sleep!1. Stay away from technology a few hours before bedtime. Charles A. Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D., a
No sleeping pills or warm milk required.
YouTube/Andrew Weil, M.D.Insomnia is the worst. The tossing and turning, the anxious glances over at the clock, the overwhelming feeling that every single person in the world is asleep except you.If all the conventional cures have failed you (
Here's what's really behind that recent string of random nightmares.
You hate how your mother-in-law meddles in your marriage, so it's no shocker when you tell her off in your dream. Dreams are, after all, your brain's way of working through unresolved conflicts. But what can explain that
No one likes tossing and turning in bed.
If your body clock is messed up or you just can't sleep when you really want to or have to, here are science-backed ways to finally hit the Zs:1. Try to stay awake.A study done by researchers at
There's more to it that being sleepy all the time.
1. You're always hungry. Your brain gets energy from food and sleep. If it's lacking energy from sleep, it'll compensate by getting it from food. Your stomach will produce more ghrelin, the hunger hormone, so you'll feel hungry-
Genetic mutation isn't just for sci-fi!
Some people-an estimated 1 percent of the general population-can get away with having less than eight hours of sleep a night without having to nap during the day. And by "get away," we mean they're active, they can think
Why the weary never recover from their so-called quality rest.
So you wake up in the morning after a good night's sleep, and you still find yourself wanting to crawl back into bed. You try your darndest to soldier on, and yet by mid-afternoon, your boss catches you on your
You can recover from an all-nighter!
Whether it's because of season x of your favorite show or last-minute preps for a presentation at work, almost everyone has experienced sleepless nights; it just can't be helped sometimes. But we all know losing sleep isn't good.
Did you know that the time you wake up is more crucial than the time you go to sleep?
Wendy Troxel, a sleep researcher and adjunct professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, took to Reddit's Ask Me Anything (AMA) to answer users' questions about what we all dream of achieving: a good night's sleep.She
Are you suffering from sleep deprivation? Cosmo found ways to help you get forty winks. Do them this weekend.
Ask yourself this: Do you fall asleep quickly (in under 20 minutes)? Do you sleep right through without waking in the night? Do you wake up in the morning bright and alert?If you answered yes to all of these questions, then
The Christmas rush is probably keeping you up--and making your eyes droop in the workplace. Here, our blogger suggests ways to fight the zzzs.
Right before Christmas break is one of the worst crunch-time periods of the whole year. It's busy, busy, busy--heaven knows there are few things I wouldn't give to find the world's pause button now,
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