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The transformation is ~*wow*~!
Hooters restaurant is famous for hiring well-endowed waitresses. So, it was a pleasant surprise when Hooters waitress, Kirsten Songer shared her genius bra hack. She revealed on her Tiktok page that she's naturally an A-cup but she has ~*
"You can wear anything." PAHAHAHAHA!
1. "Yeah, but you can get away without wearing a bra." This just implies our boobs are so small, they aren't visible with the naked eye.2. "You're so lucky." We don't feel all that lucky
Spoiler alert: They will probably get smaller.
Buying smaller jeans when you've lost a few? Fun. Buying smaller bras? Not so much.But, unfortunately for anyone who's ever asked the diet and workout gods to spare her boobs, breast weight loss is definitely a ~thing~.
Boost your bust with these options.
Barely there boobies are a good excuse to wear just about ~*anything*~ to the beach-no need to worry about slip-ups and support issues here! If you're a proud member of the itty-bitty chest committee, here are 11 bikinis
Straight from the experts!
Bras can be a NIGHTMARE when you've got small boobs-straps slipping, gaping cups, and all sorts of struggles to find the right size and shape. So, we gathered three bra experts who specialize in the small boob department to
If you're gonna grope, take the padded bra off first.
1. They're sensitive... in a good way. In fact, University of Vienna researchers found that large breasts are 24% less sensitive than small breasts. So, don't make the mistake of thinking it's the other way around. Small boobs like
No boobs? No problem!
We scoured the malls for the prettiest bikinis perfect for your bust size-because we know not all girls are blessed with Marian Rivera's rack. Sigh.When buying bikinis, avoid bandeau tops (they make your boobs look smaller!), and just