Smartphones are a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes some aspects of our lives easier; it feels like there's an app for everything these days. And there's no denying it's more convenient to stay
Smart phone = dumber you.
It's the first thing you grab when you wake up and the last thing you touch at night (even after bae). You reach for it countless times in between and panic if you leave it at home."You can become
If you're going to read *one* more thing on your phone today, read this!
It's no question that smartphones can inadvertently cause conflicts in a relationship. Most people (me) have gotten mad at a text that was sent too late, or contained a dramatic period at the end of what was supposed to be
At Apple's annual product launch, senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller announced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus after other announcements were made about new Apple TVs and Watches (blah, blah).The new phones will have glass
Also, we might finally be able to say goodbye to cracked screens.
The latest iPhone 7 model is waterproof, but it's not shock or crack proof-which is exactly what Tech Stuff reports Apple is hoping to introduce to the next phone they create.The website says Apple received a patent on April
A good reason not to scrimp on this occasion.
While life is very expensive and we'll probably never be able to afford a house or even socks without holes in and stuff, this is just a gentle reminder that sometimes, sometimes, we shouldn't cut corners financially.Like with our
Yeah, you might want to avoid clicking it.
When it comes to viral videos, we're usually the first ones to watch, like, and share them-especially when a baby panda rolling around in some snow is involved.But the latest five-second clip that seems to be doing the
It's the RZR of the future, y'allllll.
Put on your fave Juicy Couture tracksuit and get ready to text your friends in T9-word because this news is going throw you back to high school reaaaaal quick: on Tuesday, Apple was granted a new patent that shows the company
It could be worse—you could have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
It's over. The iPhone 4 dream is over because Apple has made that bad boy obsolete as of November 1.What that means is that Apple has added it to their official list of obsolete products, which is where they put
But it's only a problem for certain models.
Following the recent recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to several incidents of the model catching fire, it looks like Apple might have a similar issue.The tech giant is apparently investigating a number of reports that some of their
Watch the vid and be informed, CGs!
We cannot live without our phones, TBH. But we bet you didn't know that the way you've been charging it this whole time actually diminishes its lifespan! Watch the vid below for some very useful charging hacks!P.S. You'
It's pretty!
Android lovers just got more phone styling options after Samsung released a new color for their premium Galaxy S7 and S7 edge mobile phone series.Samsung calls the new color "Pink Gold" which easily puts Apple's own "Rose Gold" color into
These Valentine's apps for your Android device or Chrome browser also happen to be free--sweet!
There's an app for almost anything under the sun, so we weren't surprised with this roundup of downloads from Google especially for the month of hearts. Valentine's Day SpecialFollow this app's tips to make the day sweeter for
Stars came out as Nokia unveiled its brand spanking new line of smartphones. See who partied at Nokia's "Lumianation" event!
Pinoy tech fiends have been buzzing about the Nokia Lumia series since the mobile communications giant unleashed the first in its new mobile phone range earlier this year. Not only are Lumia smartphones one of this year's must-have tech finds;
The latest smartphone models for the holidays were introduced at an event recently, and some of your fave stars were there to be the first to see them.
Christmas is just around the corner, so we hope you're already more than halfway through your gift list! If you're still having a hard time deciding on the perfect presents for your loved ones (and yourself!), why not take a
These cameras, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and gizmo accessories are wish-list material for your man, family, friends, and yourself this Christmas.
Chirstmas is a few weeks away, so if you haven't started drafting your Christmas gift list yet, not to mention your own wish list, better do so now! And, as we do each year, we'll give you great ideas for
See which Twitter-trending celebs with the most Facebook fans were spotted at the unveiling of a new mobile phone dedicated to social networking.
These days, it's not enough to just be a TV or movie star anymore. It seems that majority of your fave celebrities today have branched out into social media to become some of the most "followed" and "liked" names online--reportedly
It's that time of the year again! We're putting out the first wave of cameras, phones, even TVs you may want to give special people--including yourself--for the holidays.
Wow, it's mid-October already, and before you know it, we only have a few weeks left before Christmas! That's why we thought of making October our Budget Month--so we could help you scrimp and save and get the
If he's a techie, he'll love you for getting him one of these cool gizmos. Single? Then give yourself a treat by investing in one of these.
Guys and girls alike love gadgets and will make all kinds of excuses to buy the newest technology (budget permitting, of course). Valentine's Day is just another reason to pick up some new electronics. What's gadgetry got to
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