Think having the odd cigarette with a glass of wine is no big deal? Think again.
How many cigarettes do you think you'd have to smoke per week to label yourself a "smoker?" 30? 40? 50? 100?The truth is, there's no real definition. But what is clear is that the idea of "social
Looks like it's not just Meghan who's making the compromises.
It's widely known how major a decision it was for Meghan Markle to agree to marry Prince Harry. Yeah, they're in love, and yeah, they want to spend the rest of their lives together-but for Meghan, it
Out of sight, out of mind?
June is National No Smoking Month and, in line with this, the Department of Health (DOH) wants to do everything possible to stamp out cigarettes-even in movies and TV shows."The DOH has appealed to the Movie and Television Review and
'I just decided not to [smoke] anymore and now it's easy for me.'
Miley Cyrus is only 24 but she's gone through more reinventions than, um, literally anyone I can think of. Now, the former crazy about cannabis singer is saying no to drugs.During a SiriusXM interview last week, Miley talked about how
Kylie Jenner's selfie was just the beginning.
As Kylie Jenner's epic selfie has proven, the real fĂȘte at last night's Met Ball was in the bathroom. But her photo only skimmed the surface. It turns out, A-listers really let loose in the restroom after walking
How the habit can age you beyond belief.
YouTube/BuzzFeedVideoWhile we're all well aware of the health nightmares cancer sticks can cause, the toll it takes on your looks (besides giving you a yellow smile) are a little less talked about.Enter BuzzFeed and their latest transformation video.Three
Before you light up your next cigarette, watch this video first.
Buzzfeed gave three regular smokers a huge reality check by giving them a preview of what their skin would look like, should they continue to smoke in the next 30 years.Watch the video below:Crazy, huh?As the video shows, regularly
Because yosi is so kadiri.
Smoking kills you in a number of really gory ways-lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, cardiac arrest...but you already know that.And, anyway, death by yosi may or may not come decades down the line, and you've got your stress/graveyard
Your cigarette may be causing your anxiety, not relieving it.
If you need more reason to quit smoking, here's one: it is possibly making you more miserable. Smoking doesn't always relieve stress. In fact, it might be doing the exact opposite. New research shows that smokers have a 70% increased
We all have vices--but Cosmo challenges you to do some damage control.
Everyone's got something they're not proud of, whether it's a chain smoking problem or a penchant for binge eating when you're stressed. These habits may seem inconsequential at first, but they can do serious damage to your health
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