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They're really easy to make! YAAAAAAS.
These babies are perfect for breakfast and dessert AND merienda!***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Because who has that kinda time, right?
1. Banana nice creamYes, with an 'n.' This ice cream contains no refined sugar, dairy, or any of the other hidden naughties that are probably nestled into your favorite flavor, because it's literally just banana. All you have to do is
Here's a dessert recipe shared by sisters Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, food enthusiasts and bestselling authors of 'The Art of Eating Well.'
Authors of the bestselling cookbook The Art of Eating Well, Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley, are all for delicious and healthy food. Well-loved in the food, fitness, and fashion industry for the quality of their recipes and innovations like the Hemsley
Everything you need is already in your kitchen.
Craving for a quick snack but can't go out for a grocery run? Check your pantry-you only need a few items to whip up a tasty, satisfying snack:Easy Egg in a HoleTrade the muffin for a piece of sliced
Watch this DIY video!
Who doesn't want a delicious, energizing snack that you can eat on-the-go? Trail mix is great to munch on while working or while you're trekking. Making your own saves you money, plus, you can personalize it with your
Satisfy your hunger with minimal effort!
Ham And Cheese Wafflewich Get the recipe here! Garlic-Butter Mushrooms Get the recipe here! Mango-Glazed Sausages Get the recipe here! Popcorn Mix Get the recipe here! Easy Eggs Benedict Get the recipe here! Nutella-Dipped Microwaved Potato Chips Get the
Now's the time to go easy on your binging, since there's no telling how much weight you'll gain over the holidays! Here are healthy dessert and snacks.
Every year when the holidays come around, most of us push our diets to the back of our minds. Who would want to count calories or cut back on carbs when there are so many delicious, festive treats to try? So, while
We won’t tire of saying it: late night binges are bad for you. Curb your midnight appetite with these tips.
Individuals with irregular eating patterns report feeling a particularly strong urge to eat at night, when they're resting at home at the end of a demanding day. However, experts agree that nighttime is precisely the worst time to overeat, metabolically speaking,