You should probably give those cookies away.
There's something about doing an office job that seems to make you really freaking hungry. Well, not necessarily hungry, but there's definitely something about it that makes you want to eat all the damn time.Some say it's boredom,
Wait, what???
If there's one thing we thought we were good at, it's eating (read: scoffing, devouring, stuffing, demolishing) tubes of Pringles. We could-and have-gone through multiple packs at a time and felt no guilt whatsoever.So imagine our sheer
A nutritionist says so.
There isn't one ~perfect~ diet; people have different body goals, and we don't just mean aesthetically. It's also important to take into account that people don't react to foods the same way. Some can drop weight without trying
Starting with vegetable chips, for one.
Done right, snacking can keep hunger at bay, fuel your energy levels, and provide a great source of health-boosting nutrients. Done wrong, snacking can leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and hungrier than before, as well as fill you up with empty-
To make the most of your exercise sesh.
There's nothing worse than making the effort to go to the gym, put your kit on and get sweaty, only to not get the most out of your workout. Which is why Azmina Govindji, consultant nutritionist to KIND snacks, has outlined
They're really easy to make! YAAAAAAS.
These babies are perfect for breakfast and dessert AND merienda!***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
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