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The centuries-old home remedy really does work wonders.
Egg white has been used in the beauty industry for a while now-in modern times, it began with the Scandinavians, who lauded the ubiquitous ingredient for its whitening and acne-clearing properties. (Is this why Swedish and Norwegian beauty bloggers look
If your fave series gets adapted as a 'teleserye,' who do you think will play the lead guy?
Korean dramas-some watch them for the plots and some for the ~*cinematography*~. Others, however, just have one thing in mind: The oppas are TO DIE FOR. Any fan would agree that their fave lead guys are 100% irreplaceable, but have you
Vote for your fave oppa!
As you may have already noticed, some editors at the HQ are obsessed with all things Korean-most especially their men! And since Valentine's Day is just a few days away, we're totally fangirling over which oppa to
Saranghaeyo, Oppa!
In case you haven't noticed, we're all going cray over everything Korean-from their dramas to their skincare products, and especially their older men.  Here's a roundup of all our fave Korean actors over 35 who are still hotter
Get to know more about LMH's K-Pop hotness!
Korean superstar and latest Global Benchsetter (check out Adam Levine's gallery!)  Lee Min Ho charmed the media during a press conference held in Makati Shangri-la last November 15. From the moment his K-Pop hotness walked into the room-never
We caught up with the K-pop sensation while he was here in Manila for his recent album launch. Learn more about him and see up-close pics!
Armed with talent, flawless looks, and a heart of gold, there's nowhere but up for Korean pop star and heartthrob Kim Hyun Joong, who continues to win hearts the world over. He's famous for being the leader of Korean idol