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'Road to forever, here we go.'
If you're reading this, chances are you just got engaged-or not, maybe you're just checking it out for future reference (wink, wink). Anyway, if you're a certified bride-to-be, let me start by saying
There are multiple Meg Thee Stallion quotes listed, naturally.
Sometimes the universe is just on your side. I'm talking about those days when you've put together the perfect 'fit, your makeup's just right, and your hair is falling exactly into place. Not only do
'Hindi natin alam kung gaano na tayo naaapektuhan ng social media ngayon, eh.'
Having grown up with social media, it's not uncommon for Gen Z to feel burnt out or "tired" of scrolling through social networking apps. This is why it's important to do a social media ~detox~ every once in
NGL, these are perfect for tamad girls.
Let's face it: Coming up with an Instagram caption is usually a struggle. Somehow, you find yourself with the *perfect* photo, but when it comes to thinking of a caption that'll go with it, you're at
Adventure awaits.
I think we can all agree that if there's one thing we all miss about our lives pre-pandemic, it would be the opportunity to travel ~freely~, without any worries. When the global health crisis hit the world, the travel
'I know that Felize will take on a lot of good qualities from you as she grows.'
ICYMI, celebrity couple Elisse Joson and McCoy De Leon are now proud parents to a baby girl! On October 31, they introduced their daughter, Felize, to the world. You can watch their full announcement video below.And in a recent post, the
These VisMin content creators are definitely making waves in the digital space!
It's no doubt that over the past few years, there's been a rise in digital content creators and influencers. Chances are when you scroll through your timelines, you'll come across a personality with valuable and entertaining
This app is really somethin' else.
If you've been on TikTok long enough (and admit it, you definitely have), then you know the app has a lil bit of everything. From heartwarming animal vids for when you need a good cry, to the most random trends
'Don't lose the fun aspect of it.'
Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of our favorite celebrity couples take over the ~digital space~ and explore the wonderful world of content creation. There's Angel Locsin and Neil Arce; Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico;
Misinformation should be a 'non-negotiable.'
Copywriter Camille (not her real name) splashed her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with shades of pink to drum up support for Vice President Leni Robredo's presidential bid and unfriended "apologists" for Robredo's rival, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos
'If you need me, please don’t.'
Nothing beats the feeling of going to the beach. Soaking up the sun, getting sand in between your toes, and hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shore just hits different. With the past couple of years we've had,
Cosmo readers share the boundaries they try to set and why they often fail.
E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is aware that most of what we see on Facebook and Instagram-even the happy, fun stuff-doesn't necessarily make us feel good. And, given the testimony of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen,
Me to my birthday cake: Slice, slice, baby.
Turning another year older is kind of a big deal. TBH, at a time like this when almost everything is uncertain, it really hits different when you think about the fact that you're pretty damn lucky to be alive. That&#
Let's be real, your GC is probably needs some fresh rebranding.
At this point in your ~texting~ life, you probably have a zillion and one very specific group chats, correct? Because of this, I can pretty much guarantee your phone screen is clunked up with messages that are assigned to "Contact Name," "Contact
Get ready to play Red Light, Green Light!
It's been almost a month since Squid Game premiered on Netflix, and yet we're still not over this Korean series! TBH, the plot is *intense* and as a fair warning, it definitely is NOT for the faint of
'It's okay to put yourself first.'
It's a given that the past year has been challenging. We're all living in uncertain times, and the struggle to keep a positive outlook is so, so real. We know it's tough to wake up on
Feeling good-natured ;)
With the couple of years we've had, being one with nature is second to none these days. When you're able to stand still and enjoy the quiet of tall, lush trees around you or take deep breaths by
Get a sneak peek into what goes down on set!
It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Sex Education Season Three is officially out on Netflix, and it's even more fabulous than we'd expected. All of our favorite characters (plus some newbies) have
Study with BTS, TWICE, EXO, and more.
At one point in our lives, I'm pretty sure we've all had dreams of meeting our celebrity crushes and idols. As fans, you've probably hoped that someday, you'll see them at an event, talk
'I found the perfect balance of doing what I love and being happy in it.'
Pia Wurtzbach couldn't help but respond to a netizen who gave her unsolicited career advice on Instagram. The netizen pointed out that the beauty queen hasn't been "busy" with her career lately and even compared her to other