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Under the sea, under the sea...
Is it just me, or do underwater photoshoots make you feel the need to sing "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid? Lately, it seems like the summer months have led to several celebrity shoots in the pool (or the ocean!), so
Solenn and Nico previously said they want two kids!
Solenn Heussaff and Thylane make a super cute mom-and-daughter pair, but what more if there's a second #BabyBolz? In a recent TV appearance on Mars Pa More aired on May 12, Solenn opened up about wanting to have
Welcome to the Christian world, Thylane!
Two years since welcoming Thylane into the world, Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico finally had their daughter baptized on May 7!In an Instagram post, Nico shared a short video of Thylane's baptismal rites. The family wore all-white to
'After kids' parties, kami naman.'
Making up one of showbiz's coolest friendships ever, the It girls, a.k.a. the famous girl squad of Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Liz Uy, and Bea Dee, just proved their timeless A-game party style in their
Solenn also got to see Rihanna *in the flesh*!
ICYMI, Solenn Heussaff served up some major ~lewks~ at Milan Fashion Week where she also debuted her gorgeous new ashy blonde silver hair! The actress, who attended Milan Fashion Week with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and her husband, Hayden Kho, got to
She looks amazing!
Following in the footsteps of Heart Evangelista debuting her mauve-brown hair color at Paris Fashion Week, we now have Solenn Heussaff showing off her brand new silvery tresses-this time, at Milan Fashion Week, no less! "Ash for fashion," the It
'It finally happened!'
It looks like Heart Evangelista is having a blast in Paris! The actress-influencer has been busy attending shows for Fashion Week as well as shoots for various luxury brands. But aside from that, she also had a mini *reunion* with fellow
We're definitely adding this to our travel bucket list.
The Heussaffs have been enjoying some much-needed R&R in Europe, and we've been loving their family photos.Based on their IG posts, it looks like Anne Curtis, Erwan Heussaff, and Dahlia spent some time in Finland in December.
'From dancing on tables in bars at 3am to park play dates with babies.'
What does it take to roll in the famous 'It girl' squad of Isabelle Daza, Anne Curtis, and Solenn Heussaff? There was once a time that hanging out with them on Manila's soirees is an answer, but the ladies are obviously
'The love of our lives.'
Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's daughter, Thylane, just turned two!Solenn and Nico took to IG to share photos from Thylane's second birthday celebration. The Bolzicos are currently in Les Houches, France."Happy birthday to the love of
Need some pegs?
New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and we won't be surprised if you're planning to get a new haircut! Aside from making you look ~*fresh*~, chopping off your locks can literally and figuratively make
This stylish mom-and-daughter duo wore the chicest neutral outfits during their trip!
Solenn Heussaff is perpetually our style peg! Even after she gave birth to Thylane, the It girl (now It mom) has never left our radar. She remains to be among our go-to celebs for when we're running low on
This lil bb is living her best life in Spain atm.
One of the absolute highlights of my day, an essential part of my morning routine really, is seeing bb Thylane having the time of her life during #MorningWalksWithElPadre. It's an instant serotonin boost! So the fact that they are continuing
We'd love to see Tili as an ate!
It looks like our favorite Heussaff-Bolzicos might be planning to grow their family of three! In a recent interview with 24 Oras, Solenn Heussaff spoke about her parenting style to her daughter Thylane, who's now one year and eight
#TiliBolz is sending you some good weekend vibes!
If you're one of Nico Bolzico's many followers on Insta, he might have brightened up your day with his entertaining posts on parenthood, pranking his wife Solenn Heussaff, and even looking after his beloved pets!This time, we&#
'Papasok si Solenn galing kotse! Ang ganda ganda ni Solenn talaga!'
Before they became the established artists they are today, who would have thought Angel Locsin and Solenn Heussaff crossed paths in their teens, specifically at commercial auditions aka VTRs? Well, they did, and Angel told a fun story about her humble beginnings
Ara Mina and her now-hubby personally invited her ex-boyfriend to their Baguio wedding!
Going through breakups is probably one of the hardest and most heartbreaking life events to ever happen to us. But sometimes, with time and loads of healing, you and your ex end up being friends again-just like our fave Pinay celebs!
'[Fatherhood] changes you so much. I'm much more sensitive.'
In the past five years, Nico Bolzico has worn many hats. He first caught our attention as Solenn Heussaff's hilarious and makulit other half who would post snippets of their lives as newlyweds. We then got to learn more about
We can't wait to see the new house, you guys!
Celeb couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are currently *building* their dream house! In a video posted by Mundo Design + Build in May, we see Nico and Solenn during the groundbreaking ceremony of their soon-to-be home in Alabang.Solenn shared
They went to International School Manila, Brent International School, and more.
A classic school yearbook will always have a section guessing which student is "most likely to be famous." The superlative isn't really a guarantee of anything but the odds for fame seem to be greater for international school students. From