It's time to ditch your man, your friends, and OMG—your phone, for major alone-time. Why? Experts say it will rock your world... and change the way your brain works.
When Trey Ajusto, a 28- year-old trading executive, decided to go on a Luzon-wide road trip, she knew she wanted to go alone. "It was my way of challenging myself, to see and experience something different and get a sense
There are ways to feel fab without a man in tow. This weekend, give yourself some lovin' by indulging your inner vixen.
1. Turbo flirt.When you're at a party or an event where you don't know anyone, take advantage of being anonymous by flirting your ass off. Step out of your coquette comfort zone and test-drive being gutsier than usual:
Even the most social chicks occasionally find themselves flying solo. Take full advantage of your time alone with these tips and tricks.
At A Party As soon as you walk into a soiree, seek out the host and say hello...then follow up by asking him or her to introduce you to some of the other guests in the room. If he or she
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