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Go ahead, make your own day.
Self-love with your own hand, something from your toy stash or a particularly fetching household object is all kinds of good. It's healthy, teaches you what kind of touch does it for you, and it's sex that&#
Because aren’t we all just a teeny bit curious?
I don't know about you, but I personally think parties for one are the best. Not only can you order pineapple on your pizza without worrying about your "friends" side-eyeing you, but you also have access to your personal restroom
All I want for my birthday is a big booty... orgasm.
There's lots of talk about how to achieve an anal orgasm with a partner, but what if you're looking to give yourself that mind-boggling, life-changing booty O? I mean, it's 2019, people! We'
Masturbation is a healthy, confidence-affirming practice!
Masturbation might have been a word banned from the schoolroom, but grown-up women need to know: it is completely natural and normal. In fact, it's encouraged; solo sex offers women more than pleasure. It allows you to get to know