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ALWAYS have a cash onhand.
Staying indoors most days has definitely made me miss traveling. Besides binge-watching travel related shows and documentaries, there are days when I just literally go through my phone gallery reminiscing about past trips.I already have a list of places to
'I was really scared. I was terrified.'
Celebrities, just like us, sometimes want to ~get away from everything~ and de-stress. In an interview with PUSH, actor-musician James Reid shared that he once flew to Japan-ALONE-because of stress!He also considers it his biggest adventure. "...I
If you’ve ever been afraid of solo travel, let Yassi be your next travel inspiration!
The thought of traveling solo can be daunting for some but there are some fearless women out there who are brave enough to venture out on their own. For starters, there are safe destinations to visit, especially for women solo travelers.In
Who says you can't get the 'gram while flying solo?
Lovi Poe recently took a quick break from her artista life in Manila and flew over 7,000 miles away to Los Angeles, California. What made this trip extra special was that she traveled alone. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Lovi shared the reason
Increase your chances of finding 'The One.'
There are usually two types of single solo travelers-those who truly want to be alone and get away from it all, and those who want to meet new people. Are you part of the latter or somewhere in between? Admit it,
Embrace the shameless selfie.
Traveling alone can be a liberating and exciting experience. One major downside is: Who takes photos of you? Unless you're the shy type who prefers being behind the lens, it sucks to not have epic photos of yourself standing in front
FYI, it was my first solo trip abroad.
It was a hot afternoon, and I was navigating a long, narrow dirt path with six other people somewhere in Ubud, the cultural capital of Indonesia's Bali Island.In our group, I knew Rickson, an Indonesian entrepreneur, the longest-I had
Your next summer destinations aren't so far away!
Hop along with Louise Delos Reyes on her recent travels to four Southeast Asian countries in a span of a week! The actress' solo adventure might just convince you to do it, too.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on April 20, 2017!
1 Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia just can't seem to stop with the kilig ~*feels*~! In an interview on April 18, the two shared some sweet details about their relationship-although they continue to stress it's all platonic. Despite being
Her Google Maps took her the wrong way and then ran out of battery.
You'd probably think a visit to the Grand Canyon would be a trip of a lifetime, but for 24-year-old Texas student Amber VanHecke, it turned out to be a trip which nearly took her life, after she got stranded
Time to get our passports ready!
We've got a new girl on our radar and she's none other than Louise Delos Reyes. Apart from her enviable sartorial choices, the actress-cum-blogger also has a knack for travel-and with her recent IG posts, we found
Yes, a woman can travel the world by herself.
When a woman says she wants to travel the world by herself, she can stereotypically be met with some disapproving glances or double takes. "What? By yourself?" someone will say.And while said skeptical person probably only has your best interests at
And she’s only 22!
Jacklynne Lambino sits down with us to talk about how her rakets and unparalleled work ethic allowed her to go on her ~*dream*~ trip to Europe-without any regrets.We're sure people are dying to know: how did a 22-year-
27-year-old Cassie De Pocol documents her trips around the world on her website, Expedition 196.
While most of us are sitting at our desks, dreaming of traveling and seeing the world someday, Cassandra "Cassie" De Pocol is making it happen! In July 2015, Casssie left the comforts of Connecticut to visit all 193 sovereign nations, plus Taiwan,
'If I can do this, I can do anything.'
Name: TaraAge: 30Job: Telco Digital MarketingWhere and when did you go? Almost three weeks in Southern Europe, September 2015What made you decide to go?To be honest, I was getting bored of my life in Manila. I was feeling the call of
'When you get out of your comfort zone and open yourself to new experiences, the universe conspires to amaze you!'
Name: ChinaAge: 28Job: TV Host, Commercial Model, PR ManagerWhere and when did you go? New York for 3 weeks in August 2016What made you decide to go? Initially it was a trip planned with my best friends. We spent 1 1/2
'I wanted to prove to myself that I could be independent.'
Name: KateAge: 35Job: Writer, Commercial Model, Indie Film ActressWhere and when did you go? New York for 6 weeks in Spring 2007 What made you decide to go?I was working at what I thought was a dream job as fashion and
Healthy dose of paranoia? Check.
It's insane how far people will go for easy money, and as much as we advise you to connect with the locals of every place you visit, a healthy dose of paranoia can't hurt. Scams are rampant, and anyone can
'It was a really toxic time both personally and professionally and I felt like I needed to get away.'
Name: MoAge: 32Job: Associate Creative Director Where and when did you go? 7 days in Ubud, Bali, December 23-29, 2014What made you decide to go?In 2014, the thought of the looming Christmas rush-shopping, reunions, and traffic-made me anxious.
Your feed doesn't have to look so lonely!
1. Airport or plane shoefiesLet's be honest-if you're catching a 5 a.m. flight, you pretty much can't be bothered to do your makeup. So what do you do if you feel like you don't look human