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They prepared well and result is impressive!
Some K-drama and Korean movie characters are hard to portray. To make a role remarkable, an actor has to ~completely transform~ into a different person. And this doesn't just include the spectrum of emotions they need to show-sometimes,
Will our mafia consigliere turn into a chaebol's son?
Right after leading Vincenzo, our Song Joong Ki has been *super* busy! He attended an awards show, was interviewed many times, appeared in Heize's music video, and even had an online fan meet! To top it off, he is currently
Repeat after me: Sana all!
Do you have those moments when you just stare into space and daydream that you're *magically* transported to South Korea? Because I have been thinking about it a lot! In fact, I keep a journal where I write my ~dream~
A reunion *soon*, please!
Looking at my social media feed and I can tell that no one has moved on from Vincenzo yet. Facebook groups are still active (and filled with so many memes), stan accounts on Twitter and Instagram still give updates on the cast
*cries in corn salad language*
Would you believe it's been two weeks since the final episode of Vincenzo has aired? On Mondays, we usually watch the drama's BTS clips on YouTube or talk with our fellow Vincenzo fans about the ep last night.
Congratulations to all the winners!
The Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the South Korean showbiz industry. It has been dubbed as the Oscards of South Korea, so winning-or even getting nominated for it-is a huge deal already for
Not us tearing up during Oh Jung Se and Kim Soo Hyun's interaction :(
ICYMI, the stars were out last night at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards! Aside from recognizing the best in the Korean entertainment industry (for the complete list of winners, you can click here), South Korea's version of the Oscars also
In case miss mo na sila corn salad!
Hello there, Vincenzo fan! What have you been up to after our current favorite drama has ended? Did you start ~hoarding~ the coffee products featured in the series? Or have you visited your your local Korean mart to buy bottles of #CenCha&#
Admit it: Even after a week, you're still not over the Netflix drama Vincenzo. You've probably been binge-watching the cast's behind-the-scene clips on YouTube or re-watching the series so you can fill
I swear, this drama will not disappoint you.
Out of all the K-drama genres, it's the action-packed series that I always skip-personally, I find them boring. I don't know what got into me but one Saturday night while I was looking for a
Is it a "Bravo!" or a "Sorry, sunbae" for you?
Guess who will never get over Vincenzo? Yup, that's us...and you! We know you're still ~reminiscing~ the best scenes in the drama so while the info is still is fresh, we came up with a quiz that
Plus what you need to know about Korean age!
In South Korea, your age *very* is important. At the same time, there's also a difference between your age right now to how old you are in SoKor. It's not calculated when you celebrate your birthday but the
Our OG oppa is a fan of Heize's music!
Article updated: May 20, 2021, 9:30 p.m.The long wait is over-Heize has finally dropped the music video for "Happen" starring Song Joong Ki! We have a lot of *feelings* right now but we're just here to
This drama is really the work of a genius!
To our fellow Vincenzo fans, we know how you feel right now: There's the excitement because another episode of our current favorite Netflix drama will air tonight. At the same time, you're also sad because we only have
And you can be part of it, too!
Our favorite consigliere (and corn salad) Song Joong Ki just announced that he is going to hold an online fan meeting on May 7, 8 p.m.., via the YouTube Live of High Story DNC.In a story published by Naver, the
We know you're looking for these! *winks*
Now that our favorite weekend drama Vincenzo is *sniffs* about to *sniffs again* end *SOBS*, we'd like to thank all the cast members and production team for giving us ~major feelings~ in each episode...and things to add to our
*in Jang Jun Woo's voice* Surprise!
Every week, we ~learn~ something new from Vincenzo-like the *truth* about Inzaghi, corn salad's "Italy" scenes, and our mafia couple's favorite alcoholic drink. Now that the Netflix drama is back with new episodes, we're adding
Cue in the gigil!
Every now and then, we discover something new about our favorite Korean celebs-their hobbies, personalities, even their high IQ! There's just so much to love about them and now you'll love them even more once you see
They have been supporting Joong Ki for more than a decade!
For some of us, we discovered Song Joong Ki in his recent K-dramas like Vincenzo, Arthdal Chronicles, and Descendants Of The Sun. But for others, they have been cheering on the actor for more than a decade since his breakout stint
They will be great dads someday!
Korean celebrities are often busy with their jampacked schedules-they are seen performing on stage, filming a new K-drama, or endorsing brands. During their free time, like when it's a holiday in South Korea, you'll find these