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We love this friendship!
ICYMI, Kim Tae Ri is now in her ~*vlogger era*~! The Baeksang award-winning actress has been busy producing her own videos which are uploaded on her agency's YouTube channel. Apart from us who are huge fans of her vlogs,
The K-entertainment industry is one tough world.
Being a celebrity is never easy and even the brightest stars have gone through the worst. In a video uploaded by his agency, Song Joong Ki opened up about his struggles when he was just starting as an actor and how harsh
They might take over Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won's roles.
Heads up, Arthdal Chronicles fans: Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung just received offers to lead the drama's second season!According to reports, the two Korean stars *might* replace Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won who portrayed the
From Korean actors to K-pop idols!
It's that time of the year again when Mnet recognizes the top musical acts in Asia! Apart from awarding K-pop artists, some of your favorite idols are also set to perform. Not only that-Korean actors will grace the
It's the *first* luxury hotel in South Korea's capital!
For the biggest day of their lives, your fave Korean celebs only pick the best of the best. From their bouquets to the full course meals, you can only expect the cream of the crop for their wedding. And what could be
Ever felt sad over a breakup that you weren't actually a part of?
Ever felt sad over a breakup even though you weren't actually part of that relationship? Every fan of a celebrity couple or love team that eventually parted ways can relate. Some of our favorite celebrity pairings have split over the
The actor revealed he still had to take on part-time jobs years after his debut.
Unless they were child actors or pursued the craft in college, it's nothing new to hear most of our favorite K-drama stars actually worked different jobs prior to entering the industry. While Ahn Bo Hyun is no exception, the
Could there still be hope for our #SongSongCouple?
2019 was a *devastating* year for K-drama fans when it was reported that Song Joong Ki has filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo. Also known as the SongSong Couple, they fell in love with each other after leading the hit
It's a mix of K-drama actors and variety show hosts.
In the past months, we have ~presented~ the Korean celebrities who were born rich, own expensive buildings in South Korea, and have established their own entertainment agencies. For today, we would like to introduce the power earners in the Hallyu world who
This guy deserves the Best Husband award!
Indonesian actress and fangirl Felicya Angelista just got the surprise of her life when she recently met Song Joong Ki (her favorite Hallyu star) through a video call, and it's all thanks to her husband!Photos and videos of the
We all love a man in a uniform!
There's something about seeing our fave K-drama actors in uniform that speaks to our inner fan! Catch these K-dramas to see them in action. Did we miss your fave man in uniform? Let us know who he is in
Can you imagine them in these career paths?
Once upon a time, your ultimate oppa or queen had a totally different dream before they became a celebrity. Growing up, they were eyeing a certain career path but since they were ~born to be stars,~ these Korean celebs eventually found themselves
Some of these MVs have storylines similar to K-dramas!
When they're not showcasing their superb acting skills in K-dramas or movies, you can see Korean actors do their ~thing~ in K-pop music videos. IDK about you, but I still get *surprised* from time to time whenever I
Because we know you love them, too!
I can never explain enough how much I love the drama Vincenzo-this masterpiece is just simply amazing, from the storyline down to its OST. And if you're going to ask me how I feel about the main leads, let&#
There's another reason why July 7 is a *very special* day.
Did you hear someone scream? Well, that's me after finding out that Song Joong Ki has gifted his Vincenzo co-star, Jeon Yeo Bin, a coffee truck!ICYDK, the cast of the high-rating K-drama are *really, really* close
She has captured everyone's hearts (including Dr. Ahn Jeong Won's)!
The year 2020 blessed us with the slice-of-life medical drama Hospital Playlist and the duo we all loved to ship-the Winter Garden Couple! One-half of the duo is Dr. Jang Gyeo Ul, played by Shin Hyun Bin. She
The crime thriller postponed its production activities last year.
After taking on the role of a revenge-seeking mafia consigliere, our Song Joong Ki will soon transform into an immigrant in Colombia for his upcoming movie, Bogotá! This project has already started filming back in January 2020 but had to postpone
They prepared well and the result is impressive!
Some K-drama and Korean movie characters are hard to portray. To make a role remarkable, an actor has to ~completely transform~ into a different person. And this doesn't just include the spectrum of emotions they need to show-sometimes,
The K-drama will air next year!
Article updated: August 02, 2021, 1:00 p.m.You guys, it's happening-we'll be seeing Shin Hyun Been and Song Joong Ki together in Chaebol Family's Youngest Son!Hyun Been is confirmed to star as Seo
Repeat after me: Sana all!
Do you have those moments when you just stare into space and daydream that you're *magically* transported to South Korea? Because I have been thinking about it a lot! In fact, I keep a journal where I write my ~dream~