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She's now neighbors with other celebrities like Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin!
After working hard in the past six years, Han So Hee has now reaped the fruits of her efforts!SBS Star has reported that the 27-year-old recently acquired a high-end apartment in Villa De Greeum, a luxury residence located
'Welcome back, Bogummy!'
OMG, Park Bo Gum has been officially discharged from South Korea's mandatory military service!According to AllKPop, the South Korean actor ended his military service on February 21st instead of April 30th as he didn't consume his personal
If you're looking for a sign to pursue that master's and doctoral degree, this is it!
One of my biggest dreams is to get a master's degree in South Korea and I'm happy to know that I can do it *soon* for free! I know there are a lot of Hallyu fans who are
We miss this drama so much!
Remember the space Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) leased in Gongjin to start her dental clinic? It's now open to the public as a restaurant and cafe! Tourists who visited the original filming site in Pohang shared the renovations on
Including a themed school bus!
When it comes to marketing strategies, we can always count on Netflix to go above and beyond. Case in point: The promotions for their latest zombie series, All Of Us Are Dead!Based on the webtoon of the same name, All Of
Alexa, play 'Home' by Janet Suhh while we look at these pretty pics.
As huge fans of Our Beloved Summer, our ~goal~ is to bring you fun facts about the series every week. Last time, we talked about the drama's episode titles that are named after popular movies-today, we're here
Good news coming through!
As K-pop and K-drama fans, our *ultimate* dream is to ~live~ in South Korea someday (for a long period of time). With all things Korean taking the world by storm, this goal might just come true with the help of
What does it mean? How do you know someone is a 'pick me girl'?
Another day, another valuable lesson from TikTok University. If you've been spending hours on the app during random days, you've probably come across this trend: "Pick me girls." Korean content creators have the most animated skits and storytimes about them.
For your *future* trip to South Korea. ;)
In late November and early December, K-pop sensation BTS held their Permission To Dance concerts in the U.S.-their first live concerts in nearly two years. ARMY from all over the world flew to Los Angeles to see RM, Jin,
Check out these gift-worthy experiences for friends and family who love all things SoKor!
Let's say you have a chingu who loves everything Korean. Or maybe she's obsessed with K-dramas, she's a die-hard K-pop fan, or a K-culture vulture. Of course, buying her merch for Christmas would be a
It's the *first* luxury hotel in South Korea's capital!
For the biggest day of their lives, your fave Korean celebs only pick the best of the best. From their bouquets to the full course meals, you can only expect the cream of the crop for their wedding. And what could be
I want to eat them all again!
Whenever I travel to South Korea, one of the things I get most excited about is the gastronomic experience. I love Korean food as much as the next Korean culture enthusiast. The range of choices and the variety of flavors make choosing
Get to know Selina Woo Bhang.
The first time I saw Selina Woo Bhang was when she modeled for Sandy Cheeks in 2019. I thought, "Oh, this girl looks like Jun Ji Hyun," a detail I think of fondly now because that's exactly who Selina dressed up
Jo Byeong Gyu is currently filming his new movie.
No matter how well-loved your favorite Korean stars are, they're not exempted from South Korea's cancel culture. In a snap, they could be removed from their ongoing and upcoming projects, and get pulled out of their endorsements.
This is certainly not one of our kilig K-dramas.
True crime fans, there's a new Netflix documentary series that revolves around South Korea's first-ever serial killer (*insert gasps*). Here's ~everything~ you need to know about it. Here's the official synopsis, according to
Here's another travel spot to add to your bucket list!
Pink grass gardens have been all the rage in South Korea as of late, and we're not surprised at all. Local or not, who wouldn't want to dally around in a field of blush clouds? Not only is one undeniably
Spoiler alert: Mountain rangers had to rescue us. And yes, they looked like a K-drama oppa.
Back in 2016, I made one of the craziest but most fulfilling decisions yet: I took a two-month leave from work for an unpaid internship in South Korea. It was really on a whim, but when I got in and all
He even wore the *exact* Hong banjang outfit during his trip!
If we're going to describe Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha in one word, that would be healing. The heartwarming plot, the relatable characters, the feel-good OST-every time we watch an episode of this drama, the world feels right again.
From 410,000 to 18 million, just like that.
It's official: Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram.From 410,000 followers before Squid Game premiered, she currently has a following of *18.1 million* followers. She mostly posts behind-
He will also be stepping down from the variety show he's part of.
Choi Jin Hyuk has been caught in a controversy after visiting a bar that was illegally open.Earlier today, his agency, G-Tree Creative, released an apology letter and clarified what happened with the Mr. Queen actor. The label said that Jin