A new coat of paint can easily make your room seem more relaxing.
Your bedroom is probably the first thing you'd want to redecorate when given the chance, and why not-this is the place where you spend most of your time at home, which is why it should be arranged so as
It's the perfect time to redecorate!
There's no better time than now when it comes to redecorating or reorganizing your bedroom. After all, as we navigate through our current situation, working from home is clearly in the cards. So why not design your personal space into
Humidity-loving plants are great for your bathroom!
Plants can make any space better, and we're not just talking aesthetics: Plants can help cool down an area especially during summer months as, according to Rolling Nature, they lower the temperature around them by "losing water during transpiration." They're
It's been so comforting.
It happened by accident. The last screw of a 10-year-old sofa bed finally gave up just as I was sitting down after a long day. I was sleeping on a lopsided bed for more than a year, and my back
Turn to these stores to fuel your latest obsession.
Dalgona coffee, banana bread, ube cheese pan de sal-these are just some of the trends we saw during this ECQ period. Lately, however, it seems like more and more people are getting their hands dirty and turning to gardening and redecorating
Make sure your storage strategies are practical.
I live in a relatively small studio. I can get from one end to the other in maybe 20 steps. And because I've not installed a lot of shelves yet, I rely on the lower cabinets in my kitchen area.
BRB, fixing our Pinterest boards.
Apart from Netflix, home decor videos and organization hacks are all we've been watching these days. So when Camille Co dropped her new shoe closet tour, we couldn't help but update our own Pinterest boards. If you can
Yung every day ka nang nagpupunas ng gamit pero puro alikabok pa rin.
Being at home 24/7 has made me more aware just how maalikabok my space is. Every day, I sweep the floor and wipe every surface, hoping that my condo stays clean for a while. But without fail, the next day, there&#
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