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It's the craziest culinary quirk invented by Filipinos.
Filipino spaghetti is a rebellious version of the Italian pasta. Its noodles are somewhat overcooked. It has a striking red color and is sweet and spicy. To make it even more absurd, chopped hotdogs, ground pork, onions, and garlic are mixed into
I mean, if you think about, it totally makes sense.
Ok, before you come for us, we already know: No one is going to beat your mom's Filipino spaghetti. We aren't trying to start something. This is just for anyone out there who currently doesn't have
But are they hard? Hot? Squishy? Agh.
There's no denying that spaghetti and donuts are two of life's greatest things-but that doesn't mean people are happy with the latest Instagram food craze taking over the internet.Why? Because it's a donut, made out of
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
As we all know, tacos are the lord's true gift to us lowly humans and also the world's best diet. Seriously, if you've never taco cleansed, you've never lived. Trust.Now, there are some Taco Purists (tm) who
As you head back to campus this June, we share with you tummy-filling treats that won't burn a hole in your pocket!
Heavy homework and terror teachers aside, there are lots of things that get students excited about going back to school, from discovering your calling in the hallowed halls of the academe to discovering the hottest heartthrobs your campus has to offer. Here'